Need Dense Cool Vape - Throat Hurts from warm dense vape!

Hi Guys,

So I love chucking clouds and I have been using a TFV8(RBA deck only) and Aromamizer Supreme. Dual coil setup using dual fused alien claptons. Overall dual coil resistance at 0.19.

I recently noticed that even if I do not vape too much in a day, my throat hurts from the warmth. Now I cant vape at a lower temperature too as I dont get the same amount of cloud. Its a complecated situation. Thought someone might know something that might help me out here.

Any help would be appreciated.

Maybe higher ohms and lower power? Right now I’m vaping on a .76 ohm coil at 36 watts. I get nice clouds that aren’t too hot.


Is this normal at such low ohms?

Idk if it’s normal or not but it would make sense that too hot vapor could hurt your throat eventually.


Higher ohms lower power, more bang for your buck imo


tried this yesterday, I must say you guys are spot on. Flavors still intact, slightly lower but ya doesnt hit the throat too hard. Liking it :smiley: Thanks again.


Yay! Good to hear!

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The warmth comes from the ratio of [heating material not in contact with wick] to [wick diameter], modulated by chamber volume and airflow. Meaning: a smallish chamber can increase heat, as does slower / low volume air flow, so faster air flow and a bigger chamber might help; but more important is the material-wick ratio, in times of regulated mods this roughly equates to thicker wire - warmer, thinner wire - cooler.

Hope this helps anyone who might end up reading this thread. :slight_smile: