Need green smoothie recipes

I started drinking green smoothies every day in the morning. Today I combined Spinach, Banana, Orange, Organic Greek Yogurt and Almond Milk. Wondering what may give the best combination of organic products available around us. Have any suggestions?

First question that pop up in my head is if you wanna drink it or vape it?


Oh… you prepare smoothies to vape it huh? lol

We are after all on a DIY site right so thinking vaping isnt far fetched is it?
Edit! And considering where you posted the request thinking vaping smoothies makes even more sense to be honest.


Ishka Farms is an organic farm company that specializes in this kind of thing.



My thoughts exactly


Now that you said it @TheTinMan1 i looked at the profile and i gotta agree that it most likely is spam to make people curious enough to visit the site.


It has been flagged. Let JoJo and Ken sort it. To me it at least doesn’t belong in this section of the forums.

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As long as no self-promotion is happening and the OP stays on topic in other threads, I’ll leave it. If it gets to be a problem, I will take care of it.

@ishkafarms you are not allowed to advertise your products/services in this forum. We are a vaping forum and if that isn’t why you’re here, you’re better off finding a forum that is more interested in what you have to offer. Failure to comply will lead to account termination.


ive read the post at least ten times and still wonder why would think anything but vape lol