Need Help about making a large batch and using different Nic sources

Hi, i have the problem that i need to make a large batch and then make different 10,30,60 ml eliquid bottles with different nicotine strengh.
I wanted to know if someone could please correct me if my procedure is wrong. What i want to do is:

1.Mix my large batch, but don’t add all the PG. (So you have less than the full size of the batch.)
Make up ‘nic booster shots’ to add to the juice for each concentration level. My highest concentration i will mix is 12mg/ml. Now, as i also want to mix at 9% , 6%, 3%, and 0%, having separate bottles of nic source for each concentration makes sense. The 12% (since 12mg is the highest im mixing) can use 100mg. For 9mg, use 12% of a 75mg/ml nic source. For 6mg, use 12% of a 50mg/ml nic source. For 3mg, 12% of a 25mg/ml nic source. So i always add the same amount of PG nic source (or straight PG for the 0mg ) i will make the different nic sources by volume with a 120 ml bottle to make math easier. Example: 9mg/ml nic source would have 90 ml nic and 30ml PG.

  1. Then after having ready my large batches of my different recipes and the different sources of nicotine . Given for example to make a 30ml eliquid bottle , I need to substract from the total weight of the recipe the weight of the nicotine+PG which i will add with the nic source (which is a constant value in all 30ml recipes) Making an example with numbers would be,

35,80 grams (total weight of recipe) - 3,73 grams (fixed value which varies the mg/ml)
35,80 - 3,73 = 32.07

Having these numbers all i need to do is place the empty eliquid bottle of 30ml in the scale , press the tare button. Add 32,07 grams of the mix (any recipe) , and then add 3,73 grams of the nicsource i want to use (indepently of the final concentration i want to be the eliquid , 12,9,6,3,0 ). So i will get a 30ml bottle with a total weight of 35,80 grams with the desire strenght i want.

Keep in mind i mix by scale and the percentage of VG and PG is constant, 70% VG and 30% PG , thats why the total weight of the different recipes its the same.

Please see if my steps are right! Its very important to me. Thank you very much!!.

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Make a 400-500ml bottle with zero nicotine. Let steep. Fill your bottles then top off with nicotine. Shake well to distribute the nicotine. It’s the easiest way to make different strengths