Need help choosing the flavors

I’m looking for starter ingredients
I’m a newbiee and I want to make my own E Liquid,
As I once had Vaped Mojito,
I really liked it,
So I was looking to make it,
But apart from that,
From the flavor that I chose,
I’ll list here,
And tell me another concentrate that’ll go with it excluding the Mojito flavor
All are from TFA
2.key lime flavour
So any other Major flavor concentrate that’ll go with either 2,3,4 Ingredient??
Please reply thank You!

Check out the flavour list, you can see there what is commonly used with those flavours plus recipes and percentage used.


Here is a recpie from the other side of elr. I haven’t mixed it. However, there are 146 recipies containing the name mojito. Use these recipies as inspiration. They will guide you.

Outside of your listing…minus mojito. Well your limited. Once you buy everything to make this mojito mix you won’t be left with much other then lime.

So you might try going for lemon lime lemondade. Or key lime pie. Or anything called lime. Lime is an overpowering flavor profile and hard to mix with other non tangy fruits like strawberry or a melon.


If you’re looking for something to tide you over as you perfect your mix, I was surprised by the concentrated blueberry mojito from Nude Nicotine.