Need help converting mls to %

a guy made me some juice once and i liked it. i asked for the recipe and he gave me mls, not percentages…
so i am calling out to any mathematicians as i just cant do numbers any more…
the text he sent me is this:
"what i made you was 4ml capellas v1 custard and 2ml caramel from vapor lab .9 ml 100mg nic then the rest is vg. Thats per 30ml"
um, anyone out there able to convert that into percentages?
i realize i can just make it as per volume, but, dammit, i want percentages!
oh, please and 10-Q!

13% VC v1 and 7% Caramel :smile:

The formula is 100*(4/30) and 100*(2/30) :smile:

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you are the man! thank you, brother!

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