Need help creating 1st recipe

I’ve just been making juice from other people’s recipes, but now wanna try making one of my own. The flavor I wanna make is oatmeal cookies w/ butterscotch chips. After going through each flavor’s profile, I’m still confused as to the flavor percentages and overall flavor percentage to use. Here are the flavors I wanna use (All TPA):

Oatmeal Cookie
Brown Sugar
Dairy Milk (Maybe)
Malted Milk (Maybe)

Any suggestions would be great. I realize I’ll probably go through a few different mixes, but I just wanna make each attempt at least be vape-able until I find the one I like best. The flavors I listed are ones I happen to have, so if there are any other flavors/brand I should try please let me know!

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When I want to use a new flavor, I always go look at the flavor information on this site. It will show you what percentages people use that particular flavor at most often as a stand-alone, AND in recipes. Each flavor has comments from people that have used it too. I find this information extremely helpful.


Here’s what I’d do with those flavors. Just keep in mind that taste is subjective and strengths are going to differ depending on your PG/VG ratio and preferences.

Oatmeal Cookie - 3% - I’ve never tried this flavor, so I can’t give you a lot of info. I’d start low and work up.
Butterscotch - 5% - TPA Butterscotch isn’t fantastic. To me, it’s a little weak. Get some FW Butterscotch (I don’t have but heard great things) or some FA (I do have and just realized I haven’t tried it yet lol)
Brown Sugar - 1.5% - With the butterscotch, this isn’t really necessary. It’s more of a sweetener IMO.
Dairy Milk - 2% or Malted Milk 0.5-1% - Depends on what you’re going for. Obviously, dairy milk is going to be more of a plain milk flavor. Malted milk is gonna give you that whoppers or malt milkshake flavor. I’ve not got either but have heard malted milk can quickly overpower a recipe so start really low if you go that way.


Ok, you talked me into it. You got a few good suggestions already, let’s see if we can help a little more. First, @Alisa tells you to check the flavor usage. This is important. If you put 10% of a flavor in a mix that turns out to be a extremely strong and is recommended no more than 2%, just how do you think that will turn out? As far as your percentages go you will need to decide what your most dominant flavor should be in this mix, Butterscotch or Oatmeal cookie. All other flavors will be accents if you choose to add them. These accents would be at low percentages so as not to dominate in any way. @JoJo says FW Butterscotch is better, actually, it’s probably the best. She also says Malted Milk can overpower a mix. This is ABSOLUTELY correct. Use Malted milk at no more than 2% in mixes you do not want a dominant Malted Milk Flavor.

I recommend you drop Brown Sugar and the Dairy Milk. These are unnecessary. I really like the taste of Malted Milk in a mix and can see a possible benefit for this mix. Again choose the dominant flavor then make this dominant flavor a little stronger than the secondary flavor. Then add your 2% or less Malted Milk.

Now I want you to understand that even those of us who have been blending a long time can rarely create a recipe and get it the way we want the first time. Honestly it usually takes me 2-5 times to get it right but be aware, even I will scrap a idea because it just doesn’t work out. This can happen to any of us so do not get discouraged if it happens to you. Creating flavors is a hit and miss thing since your taste buds set the ground rules. You will have to make adjustments up and down on the percentages until you get it the way you like it.

Be aware there are two ways to create ejuice flavors. One as you are doing with this project, choose some taste (usually foods, drinks, ect) to duplicate. This may actually be the hardest way to create. The second way to create is to use FOOD PAIRING to choose flavors that mix well together and blend them. This method does not require a duplication of a specific taste. This method can produce new and exciting flavors you would have never thought of. Many of my juices were just a thought of a few flavors that mixed well together and next thing you know, it was a Ejuice. Which ever method you choose to create just be sure to know, hitting it the first time is rare, and practice makes perfect…


Thanks for all the suggestions. I’ll probably order some FW butterscotch and use that instead of TPA. So for flavor pairing, I found a few forum posts about it, but wondered if there was a list posted somewhere here. If not, I’m a pretty good googler, so I’ll be able to find something. On a whim yesterday I mixed blueberry extra, belgian waffle, and brown sugar (all tpa), and man is it tasty.


There’s a entire topic on flavor pairing…CLICK HERE!


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