Need help creating a blueberry cheesecake from this flavor list

Hello, I got into DIY about 2 months ago, I’m really enjoying this so far, mostly been mixing bright fruity stuff and now as the temperature get a little colder I want to get into dessert stuff so I placed my second order of flavors yesterday to mix up some recipes I found online.

While I didn’t find any well reviewed blueberry cheesecake recipe to follow using these flavors, I’d really like to whip up a decent one using them and I’m pretty sure it’s possible, I just don’t know where to start as I haven’t tasted any of them yet. I already noted a few recipes that uses some of these flavors but aren’t cheesecakes and will do a fair bit of testing on my own but I would love if someone could suggest me a recipe or two to try using any of these:

  • FA Marshmallow
  • FA Fresh Cream
  • FA Meringue
  • FW Blueberry
  • FW Waffle Cone
  • TFA Blueberry Extra
  • TFA Dragon Fruit
  • TFA Cheesecake (Graham crust)
  • TFA DX Bavarian Cream
  • TFA Vanilla Swirl
  • CAP Sweet Cream
  • CAP Cereal 27

Other recipe ideas that aren’t cheesecakes but involves blueberries, cream and/or cereal are also welcomed!


@Qrank Welcome. I’m not the mixer to be responding but so long as you understand that I’ll offer a suggestion and then what I would try with your flavor list not knowing how it will turn out.

First why don’t you look for other cheesecake recipes like Strawberry and then substitute the Strawberry with Blueberry.

Now what I would try with your list is:

  • FW Blueberry
  • TFA Blueberry Extra
  • TFA Cheesecake (Graham crust)

If you like Blueberry and you like Cheesecake I don’t see why that wouldn’t work for you.

I might also use Creme Fresh because it adds some body without an unwanted flavor profile.

  • FA Fresh Cream

As for % of each, I would just go with the default values that populate when you add a flavor using the recipe calculator (“create recipe” button). The default value is the mean mixing quantity the calculator calculates using the %'age data from all the recipes that use that flavor. For the majority of the flavors there is enough data to weed out the extremes and provide a mean value that you will probably be happy with.

Just mix a small batch to begin with so your not wasting it if your not satisfied. I do 20ml mixes for my first run. If you are strictly MTL than you might do smaller batch, like 10ml. Often times I’ll vape on the 20ml while I wonder what might be done to make it better. Then I make a tweaked version of the recipe and mix another 20ml test bottle. I may do this several times. Occasionally I’ll like something enough to make a larger bottle. Then I’ll do 60 or 120ml depending on how much I like it and if I think I’ll like it as a steady or “all day vape”. Eventually you will run into that recipe you will have no second thoughts about mixing a large batch.

Keep in mind with the bakery and dairy flavors you need to let them sit for three days to a month after mixing so the flavors blend to a happy state. It’s called “steeping”. It doesn’t ever stop me from trying it out right after mixing. Some recipes have never made it to a full steep! In fact more than not for me :joy:

Link to 00JiM2’s Blueberry Cheesecake V1

00JiM2'sBlueberry Cheesecake V1

Ingredient %
Cheesecake (Graham Crust) (TPA) 3.00
Blueberry (FW) 3.00
Blueberry, Wild (TPA) 4.00
Cream Fresh (Panna Fresca) (FA) 1.00

Flavor total: 11.0%

Remember to rate it at!

Dang it! EDIT: Somehow the Cream Fresh % got jacked up. It’s fixed now.


Thanks for taking the time to suggest a recipe and explaining your process and also sharing your own recipe as well, I’ll definitely try out what you suggested. I was also thinking CAP Sweet Cream could help the cheesecake flavor get cheesier, I read some user’s flavor notes saying it feels a little cheesy so I thought it could be a great addition to TFA Cheesecake (Graham Crust), do you think I’ll be better off using FA Fresh Cream only like you did or a mix of both creams could possibly improve the cheesecake taste?


This isn’t my recipe but it a good easy one i use .
Welcome to the group,


Welcome to ELR @Qrank :call_me_hand:
I’m not big in Graham Cracker myself but looking at your list of flavors the first thing that came to mind was @SessionDrummer’s Golden Grahams:

For a Blueberry Milk Version a little lighter on the cereal with more BB Milk, I just threw this together:



@Qrank welcome to ELR. With your limited flavors, @JiM210 pretty much nailed it. Without a super creamy cheesecake like LorAnn’s, you may be missing out on some of the c.cake, but you can make it work …

For the record my FAV pairing with TPA’s BB Extra, would be their BB Wild.


Thanks for the blueberry cereal recipe that sounds really tasty, I’ll mix this one up for sure and also try a strawberry flavored one while I’m at it.

@SessionDrummer 's Golden Grahams is actually the main reason why I decided to order new flavors, I found it on ATF this weekend and just couldn’t get it out of my head after reading the comments, I absolutely love Golden Graham cereals and I’m sure this will be a fantastic ADV!


Yeah I’m not a Cereal Vapist myself, more into the milk / cream… I added some notes to the recipe, you can click on the recipe link above and it will take you to the recipe calculator side of ELR…
@SessionDrummer’s Golden Grahams is a great place to start, that would be the first thing to mix up IMO :call_me_hand:


I had the chance to try this, but I was just to lazy to leave a 5 Star review. It’s an amazing recipe.


Thanks! I’m glad I got a blueberry cheesecake recipe from you too, I swear I’ve seen your username everywhere, all the information you’re putting out there about flavors has been a huge help. It will be an honor to mix this one up!

As a Golden Grahams fan, I’m also planning to mix your Golden Grahams recipe and see what kind of magic you’re capable of, I basically ordered new flavors because of this recipe. This will definitely be the first thing I mix when I receive the flavors.


Thanks for sharing it, unfortunately of all the flavors required I only have FW Blueberry, not sure how well I can adapt this with the flavors I have but I’ll definitely keep it bookmarked in case I never get the tasty blueberry cheesecake flavor I’m looking for from the flavors I ordered.


Well you’re very kind, and thank you. I can’t vouch vouch for that recipe, just tossed together your listed flavors. I don’t think I’ve ever paired FW BB and TPA BB Extra to be honest !!!

If you were to ask me what I WOULD have as a must have, I might say, Medicine Flower BB, and LA Cheesecake, maybe even a smidge of FA Bilberry, just to spike the BB’s. I figured pairing the TPA DX BC along with a dash of FA FC, you could soften it up, and add some creaminess, to make up for the missing creamy Cheesecake.

@Qrank thank you again, you’re very kind. Please make SURE to let it steep to take the edge off of the CAP C27, which is punchy, fresh mixed.


@SteveTC, holy moly, Cornbread, Croissant, and Crumble, ALL in the SAME recipe !!!

I think I’ll try that.


@Qrank JUST because you mentioned …


… and surely you don’t have this one ^^^^^^. If you love BB’s, that is the one to get.


Welcome @Qrank, great place to get some super ideas and advice…

I would add either CAP or FA New York Cheesecake to that, but that’s a personal preference…


Hehe, I agree @Ianc13, I mean HOW can you really GET that slightly punchy cheesecake without some CAP NYC ??

Now I almost want to go pair up some of exactly that, CAP NYC, LA CC, and TPA CGCC, just to see.


This turned out pretty good


They work well together, I have tested that combo before. :smiley:

I like adding a touch of FW Cheesecake for the added cheesiness, but some people just get smelly socks from it. :man_shrugging: