Need Help Creating A Nice Earl Grey!

Here’s the deal. At a local vape shop one of the clerks invited me to purchase some of his juice he created and it is hands down some of the best juice I have ever had. It is an incredibly refreshing vape. Here it is.
"A refreshing Earl Grey tea with a twist of lime and spearmint,sure to tickle your taste buds."

I would die a happy man if I was able to recreate this juice. I was hoping to get some insight on some good flavors that may fit this profile. Heres what I was thinking…

Earl grey (TPA) around 3-5%? - I have 0 experience with this flavor but it appears to have good reviews

Lime or Key Lime (FW) - 1-3%? - same as above

Spearmint (FW) - 1-3%? - once again no experience with this one

Condensed Milk (TPA) - 1-2%? - I’m not sure if this recipe needs any cream but it seems like it could be a good fit. The thing is the juice I’m trying to replicate is so refreshing and crisp that I think a cream might not hit the mark.

Anyone that could help steer me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I would go with:

Black Tea (FA) 2.5%
Bergamot (FA) 0.5%
Lime Tahity (Cold Pressed) 0.5%
Spearmint (FA) 0.3%
Vienna Cream (FA) 0.5%
Cream Fresh (FA) 0.5%

But that’s just a shoot-from-the-hip :slight_smile:


Thanks daath! That seems like a great starting point! Before I pull the trigger on ordering these I have to ask if you have experience with the black tea, bergamot, and lime tahity. Have you tried TPA earl grey?
It seems that only adds up to 4.8% flavoring, just to get a better understanding I have to ask if there is a reason you would suggest so little flavoring? I assume its because that would give me a good base to tinker with and tweak to taste?

I have the black tea and bergamot and concur. The lime tahity gets very good reviews, although I’ve not tried it myself. The only lime I’ve any experience with is Flavorah’s lime. The flavor percents for all of those look about right. FA is really concentrated and a little goes a long way. Always better to err on the side of caution. With the spearmint, I have Flavor West spearmint and it is a good flavor. If you already have it, I wouldn’t order the FA just for this recipe. If you did need to go up in any of the flavors, I’d say the black tea would be one. It’s a little on the light side from what I can tell. Definitely keep the bergamot low, as it has a tendency to overpower stuff easily. Overall, though, I think you should try it as is and see what you think.

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I haven’t tried Earl Grey (TPA) - but Black Tea (FA) is good - you might be able to go higher in % for that one, just as @JoJo says, but the other ones, I feel would make a good starting point. The lime is very good, but note that there are two Lime Tahity: A distilled and a cold pressed. The cold pressed is lime juice, and the distilled is more zest. You should be able to use FW spearmint, but I don’t know in what %…
The rest of those FA-flavours are very good ones to have. The Bergamot is a work of art :slight_smile: and I use Cream Fresh very often!

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Yeah I’ve read a lot of good things about the vienna cream especially. Thank you for your help! I will def try out that recommended recipe as soon as I can. I’ll let you know how it goes! :slight_smile:

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I definitely will give it a shot and see how it turns out! I think I’ll opt for the FW spearmint as well. Thanks for your input! If you guys enjoy tea flavors you should check out that Snail Trail sometime. That stuff will quench your thirst if you’re parched… Super refreshing.

This is what I vape.

easy earl grey

Ingredient %
Earl Grey Tea (TPA) 4
Vienna Cream (FA) 1

Flavor total: 5%

Remember to rate it at!

I’ve never had FA Bergamot, so I can’t say if TFA is better. It’s pretty heavy. I could imagine it not being to everyone’s taste. But it reminds me of the Stash teas I used to brew back when I used to drink tea all the time. Maybe a bit more pungent, but you could back off a couple % if you don’t like it that strong. Anywhere in the 3-5% range it’ll carry it’s flavor.

I need to try some with FA Cream Fresh instead or half and half.

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I just mixed this recipe up, minus the creams. It’s wild how much this smells like the juice I’m trying to replicate! I am pretty sure the creator must use that Black Tea (FA) flavor. I’ll let you know how it turns out thanks again!

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I’m afraid it’s time for some evil thread necromancy! :sweat_smile:

I’m trying to make an easy earl grey recipe. My first try was 1% Bergamot (FA) and 2% Black Tea (FA), inspired by flavor notes I found. It’s 50/50 PG/VG, 6mg/ml. Tried it after three weeks steeping on my Kraken (v1) dual mesh build (5 or so wraps around 3mm, 26g Kanthal if I remember correctly) at 25-35W. Squeezing the bottle, it just smelled like citrus. Vaping it I just pick up a pleasant citrus flavor, but can’t find any tea in it. Maybe it’s because I haven’t tried Black Tea (FA) in a single mix, so my taste buds aren’t attuned to it.
Should I go up with the tea flavor or down with the Bergamot or both? What do you think? Trying to save some time and resources trying several mixes - don’t have the time at the moment I’m afraid :frowning:

Thanks in advance!