Need Help! Finding many of the top 100 DIY recipes lacking in flavor?

Hey guys,

I am relatively new to DIY. I have been mixing single flavours for some time but am just starting to mix juices with 2, 3, and 4 flavours. I have been trying some of the very highly rated recipes after mixing them and leaving them for a day or two and have found myself very disapointed. I KNOW IT MUST BE SOMETHING I AM DOING WRONG :frowning:

I have been following PG/VG ratios and flavour percentages but do not find to get enough or a satisfying amount of flavour. One example was ‘Grants custard my way’ which has fantastic reviews. That mix was 10% flavour all up.

Should steeping for a minimum of 2 weeks increase the flavours in these recipes dramatically? Do I need to steep more?

I just want to make sure I am getting the most out of my vaping experience and do not want to do any of the recipe makers an injustice by not experiencing their recipe correctly.

Most recipes need more then a day or two to develop as they are intended by the author of the recipes. I would recommend you to let them steep for a minimum of 2 weeks before you try them. Some recipes need 4 weeks of steeping depending on what flavors there are in it.
Good luck.

Thanks Fenrir.

If the Top 100 don’t work out for you, take a look at this thread and the optional flavors at the bottom of the thread.


I absolutely agree. Simple mixes, many fruits don’t change much when steeping, but creams/custards and tobaccos NEED to be steeped, and as stated above, 2-4 weeks not a bad wait time. I’ve got a few that freshly mixed are a jumbled mess, but after a month, turn magic…

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Also, there are some flavors that seem to fade and/or totally disappear during the steeping period. That is where the learning curve is with diy, learning if more of a specific flavor/brand needs to fade a bit to meld properly, and prior to it properly steeping it may appear to be too strong.


fruits only 7 to 10 days
fruits with booze 10 to 14 days
fruits with creams 14 to 21 days
Creamy desserts 18 to 28 days


I try to make it easy, I stick to a 4 week steeping period on all mixes minimum.Why?:
If good after 4 weeks or more, I’ve got a good keeper.
If bad after 4 weeks or more, I will likely never improve a bad mix.
If a shake and vape turns bad after 4 weeks, good luck in trying to remember what’s a shake&vape. There are way too many mixes out there that don’t require special short term considerations for me.

Just because a recipe has a high rating DO NOT assume it is a good recipe.

I have tried some of the top 10 many times and every time they never worked for me.

Check Out:

You may be tasting something else…


I always give cream, pudding recipes a week or two to steep. The flavor pops more.
Maybe try making some of your own recipes, using the other recipes as a guideline. Everyone’s preferences are different!

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I use strawberry and strawberry filling from flavorah…they are pretty good!


If you just quit smoking… that takes a while. You might have a vape mouth too. Drink lots of water, it goes away.


Ok. So my 2 cents. I would say all the super highly recipies will be the best. Some that I have tried that are super “hyped” I found over flavored or just not right. I normally find myself cutting and subbing to make it fit my needs.

Therefore, like mention by many, it’s finding what fits you best. Changing a mix to make you happy when the original just isn’t there. All of this takes practice and reading. And more reading. Once you do the research you will have better results.

Point 2 for the second cent. For me it’s just like how I used to buy eliquids when I first started vaping I had to sample 20 to find one that I likes and settle on a second. What “must” taste good to someone else doesn’t always taste good to you. That’s the best part…you get to mix for yourself and your desire.

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Thanks for the replies one and all. Has been very informative and helpful.

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Gonna throw my 0.02mL in.

The first maxim of vaping is: Taste is subjective.

With taste, much depends upon your vape gear. Most recent recipes are developed by vapers who use sophisticated sub-ohm coils and much wattage. If you’re vaping one of those 5-10% total flavoring juices on a milder setup you won’t experience the taste the recipe creator intended. The flavor will seem weak and you don’t detect the subtle notes that give a mix its particular character.

While most posted recipes don’t specify ohms/wattage/temperature, you can get a clue from nic mg and VG percentage. If a recipe note says low nic and max VG you can assume the mixer is running some modern high-performance hardware.

I mix for several people, one of whom still uses a carto tank. For her, I increase most recipes’ flavoring percentages by a minimum of 50% and up to 100% depending on the recipe and her personal preference.

My daily rig is a Kayfun Lite powered by a Provari 2.5, delivering a whole 15 watts. Just liked it, stuck with it like an old and familiar friend. I just bump the flavorings up by 25% or so and the vapor is tasty.

Experiment and test, please yourself and those you share with. Good luck!


Thanks again everyone. If it helps, I’ve got 3 PVs. I have a EGO AIO Pro (running 0.6ohm coils), a Coolfire IV Plus (running an Aspire Cleito with 0.4ohm coils) and a Smok Alien (running a uWell Crown - yet to try this one out yet). On the VW devices I stick to the lower end of the range i.e. on my clieto with 0.4 ohm coils i run from 34-39 watts, is that enough for flavour?)

Thanks again guys :slight_smile:

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