Need Help! Looking for the perfect Menthol

I want to make the juice that I bought Menthol something like reds apple iced. I want to find a Menthol that would give me that same cool feeling. Thank you guys for the help in advance.

I have tried the same and not quite managed. My best results so far is the following

I have a V2 which is about to be tried.

You’re saying you bought this juice already and want to add a cooling effect? Adding straight menthol can also add a minty note depending how sensitive you are to that flavor. Koolada is a great cooling agent but over 1% it can be bitter and give a dry texture. Recently I’ve been using WS-23 30% in fruity and creamy type flavors. I’ve tried 2 - 6 drops per 10 mils, gotten things down right frozen without changing the flavor or texture. Good luck. :smile:

Koolada was horrible for me. Dried things out no matter the %. Polar Blast is much better for my tastes. I know it also has koolada but another ingredient as well and does not affect the juice other than the chill.

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