Need help mixing E-Juice

I have 3 flavors,and i’m on 0 nic can someone please help me come up with a good but sweet recipe… Fruit Rings—FW Pineapple—FW Strawberry—FW Thanks!!!

I’m fairly new to this as well. One thing I’ve seen and am going to start practicing tomorrow after work, is just mix up a batch of single flavors to get a feel for their potency and how they taste. Then think of how they could pair.


Click on each of these and click the add to stash button! Start now before you have so many flavors that it seems like a chore. :smile:

Most Flavor West flavors are good by themselves around 15%
I’ve not had the pineapple or fruit rings, but the strawberry is more of a candy than a fruit flavor. I like it with FW Bavarian Cream tho I haven’t mixed any of that up in ages.


If you like fruity try vampire vape pinkman

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