Need Help On Ordering

Anybody have any suggestions on best place in terms of pricing to order bottles from?
Also a nicotine suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

$0.75 for clear 30ml glass bottles, $8 for 60ml of 100mg nic, not sure what the prices are off top of my head for bigger bottles, but they are some of the lowest prices I have seen around,


Great pricing info here: Nicotine and Flavoring Prices


I’m sure if you use the search function you can find tons of threads on this.

In general, for Atleast flavoring. It seems a lot of people use here in the USA bull city vaper or ecigexpress. Both have pretty good reviews. I’ve only used ecigexpress and havnt really had any issues (except that my order placed and Saturday hasn’t been processed yet :thinking:).

As for unflavored pg and vg people will recommend essential depot. But the price point is better if you buy 4 gallons. I have used pg/vg from ecigexpress and didn’t have an issue with it. But people swear the quality at essential depot is better.

All three of the companies listed above have pretty good cs response times and results driven, normally pretty fast packaging times as reported by most folks.

I have been using Essential Depot for all my VG/PG ,the price is the best I have found.I am pleased with the quality.
Flavoring is where you can find it most of the times.I recommend Bull City Vapor ,Gremlin DIY ,Ecigexpress and Nicotine River.The prices are pretty competitive but usually a sale isn’t too far away if you can wait.Some offer free shipping if your order is over 75.00
I have only used My Freedom Smokes for nicotine and am very pleased with the price , they also have sales often.

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