Need help please (recipe of tobacco Ry4 mocha)

Hello … Does anyone have a recommendation/idea on a recipe of tobacco Ry4 mocha ?

With a little cream / vanilla to wrap everything.

I’d really appreciate it if you helped me with that.
Thanks, walid

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Maybe this,


Definetly This! ^^^


Or maybe this…

RY Mocha v1.0

Ingredient %
Catalan Cream (FA) 2.50
Cocoa (FA) 1.00
Cookie (Biscotto) (FA) 1.50
Italian Relax (Cappuccino) (FA) 1.00
RY4 Double (TPA) 6.00

Flavor total: 12%

I cant vouch for it tho.. I only just made it up. It might need something sweet in there too... 1% marshmallow (TPA) (dont try & find it on the recipe pge.. its marked private.)

Thanks Bro - unfortunately the available flavor now in the country i live in - is only TPA & CAP & FA

do you know any recipe can be made from this

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Nice thing about mixing your own is you can substitute flavors as needed, may not be the same exactly but you may find you enjoy. Hangsen tobaccos to me are top notch, but other companies listed produce what they believe are comparable profiles. Go for it, start with a small batch and work from there.


Thanks A lot - i will start work with small batches and see how things will goes on … thanks again for your time

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Hey, I’m curious to see what you cam up with. Did it work out OK for you?

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Hi , actually I am traveling out the city and not yet tried … Will mix it once iam back

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Oh sure, let me know how it works out when you get a chance!

hmmm… that looks very interesting. May have to get some of that Black Honey soon and try this.

I hope you do, would love to hear your view on it, I happen to vape several of yours and use your custard stone in a lot of my personal mixes.

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