Need help: Substitutes for Cinnamon Red Hot (TFA)

I was moments away from making an order on BCV when Cinnamon Red Hot (TFA) went out of stock, I noticed they have an alternative called Cinnamon Red Hot (PG) (TFA). Could I substitute the original with the PG version and achieve the same flavor?

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Nvm… back in stock, props to them for being so quick. I also cant figure out how to delete threads, so if anyone could let me know that’d be great lol.

When you are editing your recipe, you can change if each of the flavors is PG VG or other base. Look right under each flavor. You can delete each message, but afaik not entire threads. click the 3 dots under your message then the trash can that pops up.

Y’all, seriously, TPA Horchata is so cinnamon I had to wash my hands 4x after opening the bottle!

Anything above 3% is Red Hots