Need help to make Seville caramel Gravy Rings


I’m trying to make Gravy Rings - Seville Caramel - mySizzleBox can someone help me


What are you working with dude?! Should I/We just make a recipe for you- and you put in zero work?! What’s going on here?!


Well I don’t have any experience to making stuff from scratch so I was hoping someone knowledgeable could help me create this as I really love that flavor. Any help would be appreciated especially as it is really hard for me to obtain flavors for experimentation.


There is a perennial problem with new users asking for help without them actually trying to make something under their own steam. I know that blending can be daunting but it’s the only way to build up the knowledge you need - There is only one person who will taste like you do, so it’s time to see what suits you.

I’d suggest considering the flavours in this juice and then pondering how you could make something like it using what you already have. After making and steeping your first recipe, then come back with questions regarding why one part is too strong in the blend or that I certain element, like mouthfeel and viscosity, isn’t present. When you have tried and we know what you have been using in your attempts, then we can properly help each other.


@d00mhammers, what flavors you got man?! Add what you have into your flavor stash so we can see. Im sure we can figure something out.


When I make a recipe I like to look at food recipes. We need a doughnut there are plenty of options there. So let’s get into the filling.

Continental Dark Seville Caramel - Thorntons

Most flavor makers use the same flavor house because it cheaper for them. Consider that when deciding what to buy. Consider the time frame Seville caramel was introduced. It will help in narrowing a time frame of what flavors were available at the time. Also consider what you taste when you vape it.
More than likely you won’t make an exact clone but you can create something close or even better.


Well, this sounds very complicated, frankly, i have no clue where to start, as i only been diying for a few months with recipes i find online. It’s really hard to describe taste, its has caremel in it which tastes very yummy. I tried to find stuff that i thought could be similar like these, but they ended up being nothing like it:


Well, you have an obvious lack of bakery and dough concentrates when you want to make something with an obvious doughnut base.

That should be the foundation of what you want to make. Croissant (VTA) can carry part of such a recipe, though one of the many fried dough concentrates would be an essential.


well that’s not an issue, i was thinking of maybe we can make a list of what i need for the recipe then i can make that order


I think you’ve lost me there: When a key ingredient isn’t to hand then there is a clear issue with being able to make a recipe.

It’s pretty much a Yes, We Have No Bananas event.


well i posted a list of what i have. If i need other stuff for making the recipe i can get them on my next order


Yes, I saw your stash, why I referenced Croissant (VTA). I really suggest testing what you have first and then looking at the doughnut recipes we have on the site (though we only have 2342 recipes which are listed as public). Many also do take the time to include notes on what they are aiming to create in their recipe notes.

I think the orange curd will be the most challenging part and requesting help with it would be advisable. It’s not something I have tried to replicate though a citric concentrate with a jammy nature and a touch of a custard without vanilla would be how I’d first think of it, if asked. I’d probably also explore fried dough concentrates as the base and a note of powdered sugar to keep the profiles separate but still marrying into a distinct orange curd doughnut.

The caramel is just choosing one which matches your preferences.

Those who focus on bakery blends can help you more, though I think that OoO and VSO’s offerings are the favoured new nepenthes.


Thank you for the info but im not sure how to use it or how to start and what to do. Could you mentor me on this cause i really feel lost


Never had the juice. From the description it’s a dark Carmel. From dark caramel it’s not caramel so it describes toffee. Toffee is dark caramel. It’s mixed with an orange cream and or a custard. ⁴That’s your filling.
Do you remember the taste of the doughnut? Was it deep fried? Did it taste baked in the oven?
We also know the filling has dark chocolate.
You have to become a sleuth if you really want this. On the recipe side I’m not seeing anything like this juice. It’s going to have to be done from scratch.


Playing a detective. No idea about the flavor, never made anything similar. Flavors: Donut / Orange / Caramel

Orange is probably the easiest to guess here; i would look at two candidates only: Bakery Orange SSA and Orange Marmalade VTA. Check the reviews how do they taste like, both are very good flavors and useful for this kind of mix. If i was working on this kind of recipe i’d probably use them both; if you’re looking to come close to the original, then use one only (and you’d probably have a clue which one should that be based on reviews and what you actually taste in original). If you don’t have them and you’d have to pick just one, i would suggest Bakery Orange since very useful and that outstanding flavor just should be in your arsenal.

Doughnut is more tricky. I read ‘glazed’ in the description, so my first try would be Glazed Donut WF which is pretty good glazed donut on its own. Since they are a new company, it’s quite possible they use something on top of this for a donut part; what that could be is impossible to guess. If i was making this i might use Donut CSC since it’s outstanding flavor that makes any donut recipe better and i might also add some Lemon Cream Wafer CNV since orange is in here and also Rum Baba WF which i use often in this kind of recipes (if it was more fried, not glazed, then Zeppola FA and Beignets SA come to my mind; Croissant might also work).

Caramel is difficult to guess, but that shouldn’t be a problem since that’s just a background flavor (i assume). Pick whatever you have; if you came anywhere close with the other two, then this one is not going to be a make-or-brake addition. I don’t use caramel a lot except Milky Caramel Fudge SSA, but in a recipe like this one i might also give a try to Caramel Crispy Treats WF to help donut base.

Not to forget, i would also add some Custard premium FA. Just because it works so well in this kind of recipes.

Don’t run on a shopping now; those are some ideas that might be worth to explore / others might comment and give their own better ideas.


Thank you for your feedback! I really like your train of thought and approach to this. If we were to sum this up, what would I need based on your recommendation?


I was thinking of those two as well but there is also a third option of DV Orange Marmalade which can be purchased without the added toast flavour.


English Marmalade (VTA) doesn’t have the toast notes but still retains a thickness to it. It could be a cheaper option for experiments than the DV, particularly as you need to pay an extra 50% for the latter.


Very true, it was just a third option that I thought was worth mentioning. I actually have the VTA Orange Marmalade and the SSA Bakery Orange and both are very good with the SSA being the cheapest of them all.