Need Help with 100% VG

I have been making Juice for some time now, all my mixes are 50/50 VG/PG, i have someone that has asked me to make up 100% VG, which is fine, but how much flavour do i need to add as the PG carries the flavour. So if i would use 10% in a 50/50 combination, how much would i need to add to 100 vg for the same result?


You can’t make a 100% VG juice unless you have VG or non-PG flavors. If you click the Max VG checkbox when you’re creating, editing, or adapting a recipe it will make the recipe with as little PG as possible using the flavors and flavor %s that are in the recipe.


Exactly what @JoJo says - If your recipe is, say 15% flavor, then you can make a juice with no more that 85% VG… The “Max VG”-checkbox is your best bet :slight_smile:


I would also consider adding water to Max VG mixes, 12% if less than 5% Flavouring and 8% for greater than 5% flavouring. I personally find purified/distilled water carries the flavour much better and helps to thin the VG out slightly, enabling easier wicking.

This is what I work too, but trial and error for your mate may be needed or not at all and they will be happy with a pure VG base?.


I’ve had good results using 9%DW(distilled water) and 1% vodka(Tito’s) mixed up with 90% VG. It’s my version of Maureeenie’s base, which I thought was a little too thick for my preference. The vodka seems to help the flavor out a bit. Overnight breath to get the alcohol out. I mix it up in a 120ml PET bottle and just plug it in as the VG content would normally be done on the calculator. Max VG with all concentrates that have neither VG nor PG. I click “other” for those on the calc.


I use the same flavor percentages for 50/50 as I do for max VG. My RDA’s handle max VG just fine without additives.


hey paul :slight_smile:

You didn’t say why they want 100VG. If it’s because of a PG allergy, you’d better make it genuinely 100VG not max VG, IMO.

I make 100VG juice for myself. You can even buy pre-made if you know where to look (eg Virgin Vapor, Johnson Creek) . There are quite a number of PG-free flavour concentrates available, and luckily, they include the most awsome ones. Check out this thread: Calling all PG-free mixers!.

Like Bluenose said, you do need to add distilled water as well, if you’re not using PG, because the juice is too thick otherwise and gunks up your coil. Exactly how much water is a matter of opinoion/personal preference.

All the best!

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Hmm, I suspect I read your post a bit too quicky there, and failed to answer the real question. Sorry for that,
It’s said that you need to use more concentrate in VG, because it doesn’t carry the flavour so well. You’re clearly aware of that. But how much extra seems to depend on the individual and/or concentrate. I find I ned slightly more flavour than most of these recipes suggest…maybe 10% more? But also, most of these PG-free concentrates need a pretty long steep. Some people say you ned loads more concentrate in a PG-free juice, but I suspect that they’ve either not exercised due patience, or else not used anything to thin the liquid.

It comes down to trial and error , i’m afraid. But for me , it’s roundabout 10% more. But that said, I thin my juice a lot.


@Paul64 My experience has been than many (not all) times people talk about 100%VG, or MaxVG it means their just not ADDING any PG, and whatever amount is from / with the flavorings is the only PG in the mix. There are exceptions obviously. I’ve been doing some curiosity testing with one of my ADV’s and when shifting through the PG/VG mix ratios, I can def. tell that will higher PG less flavoring is needed, and vice versa for higher VG.

I try to make mixing easy on me (hehe, never enough time), and do sell quite a bit to supplement my addiction, errrr hobby, and unless someone requests a specific mix, I mix 70V/30P for sub ohm’ing, and 70P/30V for MTL vaping. I’m not a huge fan of PG, but have no allergies to it, and prefer 70V/30P for myself.