Need help with a flavor in a new recipe

I got a blue raspberry slushy recipe and it has this flavor and I’m not sure what it is can you help me out if ya no what it is its blue raspberry slushy (osdiy)

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Post the recipe here with your question(s)/problem(s). :wink:


I’m not familiar with that particular flavor brand, but here’s some notes and a review that might help you out…


It is sold here

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Oh ok so the osdiy stands for one stop do it yourself I figured thats what the diy was but wasn’t sure about the rest it’s not any of the major flavor brands that I no like cap or tfp n stuff but thank you very much for your help your a life saver


@xkalibudx you are welcome. They have a few good flavors they make.
If you post the recipe we can look at the other flavors in it. Maybe they are good just not known to you?

I think the others just misunderstood what you were asking, but you can also look the flavors up in the flavor list and see how popular, or how many people use them


Holy Vanilla is by DIYFS…

If the Blue Razz you have don’t work out, then take a look at this Blue Raspberry. It’s the only one I have, but IMO pretty effing good…


opps see i try to help and still screw up LOL… well i did get the right place for the blue raspberry though


Banana runts need not apply. If you’ve ever eaten caramelized bananas and liked them maybe you can help. I’d like to try my own mix but not experienced with banana flavors. Can I get some opinions?

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I want to make a chocolate malt eliquid, I would like to just use flavors I have in my stash, I have come up with a preliminary recipe but instead of making up another battery acid liquid I’ll never vape I was hoping I could post it here and get some help from the expert mixers who might help me adjust, add, remove flavors prior to my mixing it:

Chocolate Malt:

2.00% Cocoa (FA)
2.50% Double Chocolate (Clear) (TPA)
5.50% DX Milk Chocolate (TPA)
5.00% Malted Milk (TPA)
2.00% Milk Chocolate (Old Formula?) (INAWERA)
1.00% Sweet Cream (TPA)

Flavor total: 18%

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I don’t know what you have in your stash, but from my perspective it does look a little confusing with 4 different chocolates totaling 12% of the mix. From what I’ve read about Milk Choc INW, it should be a prime focus in your recipe and build the rest around it.

I personally would suggest using Dark Choc MF if you have it. Considering it can do the job of those 4 chocs at 1%, just might make it worth the cost.

If I was mixing a Chocolate Malt it’ll go like this…

Chocolate Malt Shake

0.75%-1.00% Cream Whipped (FA)
0.80%-1.00% Dark Chocolate (MF)
1.25% Sweet Cream (FW) or (CAP) or 0.50% Cream Fresh (FA)
2.50% Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) or 2.00% VBIC (TPA)


The issue with banana flavors is some people will taste runts where others taste a natural ripe banana. The most natural ones to my tastes are
FA bano (banana)
Purilum banana
Molinberry Soft banana


Try NF malt was very good. Maybe combine it with TFA malted milk say 1.5% of each. I would thicken it somehow for mouthfeel as well. I have found OOO fluffy marshmallow is an excellent additive to create thick mouthfeel…

Edit ooo and ooo milky undertone
I put that shit in everything!


Naseschwarz compiled quite a few notes on the Malted Milk TPA.

Malted Milk - A small amount (0.25-1.5 / 2%) adds a rich, malty texture to a mix. Effective as a thickening/smoothing agent, great for milkshakes!
There’s little to no milk flavour in it. DO NOT USE IT FOR MILK AS THIS WILL NOT WORK.It does have a bit of a chemically / alcohol nose to it too, but you can discern the malted barley flavour. A way to make it represent malted milk a lot more is to add it 60/40 (or 50/50 if you want it creamier) to TFA’s Sweet Cream.

Smooth, thick vape with a mild “cooked” milk flavor.
Similar to MTS(mellow, thicker, smoother) but feels thicker. Seems to increase vapor production.

Good as a supporting texture, adds body and rounds sharp notes.
Use 1% or less in blends, easily washes other flavors out.

STEEP TIME: a few days

Average time of steeping : 1 week

TFA Malted Milk must be used in small amounts due to muting other flavors. No more than 3-4%.

Malted Milk - Very potent flavor, I never use it over 2%. So far I have had awesome luck with this flavor. I use it as a milk base for cereals, milkshakes, and even custard blends. Its very dynamic and can add that extra creaminess that some mixes lack, I find that malted milk and dairy from TFA make a even better milk base when combined. - Courtesy of /u/Vapequeen214

3% Malted Milk max, 2% Sweet Cream max to get that total malted milk flavouring you’re adding to whatever other flavours.
In my opinion, TPA’s Malted Milk (incl my blend with Sweet Cream) should never be a primary flavour - it’s a modifier or an accent. Treat it as such and pair it up with these:
Chocolate. Come on, do I even have to suggest this? The Number 1 malted shake of all time is the chocolate malt.
Vanilla. Again, just a natural combination.
Red berry fruits. I’d use malted milk as an accent for a red berry vape.
Nuts and Stones - especially hazelnut but goes great with almond too. I’d do 50/50 with one of these nuts and try to get a balance of both.
Caramels. IMO, using a cream is an absolute must if you use TPA Malted Milk with a Caramel flavouring, but once you do, it’s awesome.
Crackers, Cookies & Baked Goods. Perfect accent to these baked good flavours.
Cinnamon. Personally, I like cinnamon with most things, but with malted milk, I’d take vanilla over cinnamon. But try it!
Custard. I’m not a custard fan, but I’m listing it because like 75% of all recipes with malted milk use custard.

Testing: The Flavor Apprentice - Malted Milk @ 1% & 3%; Aged: 18 days
Flavor description: Malt forward, almost caramel or toffee like with a hint of dark nuttiness and a bit of a boozy note somewhere in the middle. Not a lot of milk taste if you will, but definitely thick in the mouth and dark tasting. At 3% it comes off as a bit dry, almost chalky, like a Whopper candy but without the chocolate coating and tastes slightly reminiscent of Kahlua liquor.
Off-flavors: The alcohol note along with the apparent lack of actual milkiness. Some people report a sickly sour note which I suppose could be attributed to the fact that it is a dairy flavor, or maybe it was used at too high of a %.
Throat hit: 2/10 Pretty smooth
Uses: 0.25-1.5% is probably going to be an acceptable range for this flavor to add thickness/mouthfeel, though I would definitely start low and work up as preferred. Much above that and it gets rather funky and can easily over-power and mute other flavorings.
Pairings: Use with TFA Dairy Milk in a cereal milk base. Would also go well with other creams, nut/grain/cereal or AP, vanilla, caramel, chocolate, custard, maybe cookie, or even cinnamon. Berries would also be a decent pairing, but it may be tricky to nail down the percentages as to not mute them.
Notes: Not a standalone for me. This flavor is proving to be rather tricky to use and is going to be more of a small % additive as it is rather over-bearing and funky. This concentrate also has a very subjective taste and may not be enjoyable to everyone.


Adding to @Pro_Vapes comments, I totally agree with the over chocolating (new word). If you don’t have mf and have your mind set on Inw I would pump that to 3% (drop other other chocolates). Malted milk is a great flavour but at that % you will find it will mute everything else in the mix I would suggest using it around the 1% mark
From PV
1.25% Sweet Cream (FW) or (CAP) or 0.50% Cream Fresh (FA)
2.50% Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) or 2.00% VBIC (TPA)

3.00% Milk Chocolate (Original) (INAWERA)
1% Malted Milk (TPA)

Just check it is original MC inw or it will turn out quite horrid.

EDIT: oh there you go good info there @Pro_Vapes


i love reading stuff about chocolate , i still havent made a chocolate vape but am working on a spumoni ice cream so this all helps me with that i do have the Inw old MC and dark chocolate mf and have decided on the DC


i just have:
Chocolate Glazed Doughnut (Cap)
Cocoa (FA)
Double Chocolate (Clear) (TPA)
DX Milk Chocolate (TPA)
Milk Chocolate (Old Formula) (Inawera) <- not sure if this isn’t the new formula
Milk Chocolate (TPA)

as far as chocolates, I was just kicking in a little of all the chocolates I have so you can see what i am considering.
I’m wanting to mix something that just tastes like chocolate and malt without a huge cream backing that might confuse my taste buds. I definitely won’t be adding strawberry hehe, but might consider using a vanilla or cream for a background flavor. I could not taste malt when I mixed that at 1.9% so I am looking to increase that to make sure it is tasteable.

i might try just
4% malt
1% sweet cream
10% milk chocolate
2% cocoa (or choc glazed)

It will be later this week before I get nicotine in so I can mix anything. Thanks for the notes and imput :smile:


TBH I don’t know if I have new or old formula if the INA Milk Chocolate, Because I just got it recently I believe it is prob the new formula.
And like most of my new mixes I tend to just throw a bunch of 1 flavor into the mix hoping it will still be discernable and hold up over an extra long time, So I’m really hoping to keep the chocolate flavor (and the malt).
But today my wife and I stopped and had a chocolate malt, and I noticed how much I could taste vanilla in the foreground in the mix, so now I’m wondering about adding vanilla swirl, or a little VBIC, but I only have TPA and not the LB everyone recommends.
I am waiting for NR to send me some nic so I can experiment chocolate malt sounds like a good e-juice and I’m not seeing that in the ELR mixes.
so I’m now thinking

3.0% malt TPA
2.0% sweet cream TPA
and throw together a bunch of chocolate except leave out the INA in case it’s the new one so…
1.50% Cocoa (FA) I heard this is good to layer in to hold up the chocolate
3.00% Double Chocolate (Clear) (TPA) IDK about this one but it sounds double good
5.50% DX Milk Chocolate (TPA) I’m familiar with this and liked it with VBIC
and add some ice cream…
1.50% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA)

Flavor total: 16.5%

battery acid?


Not sure on the battery acid or not as I have never used the dx milk choc - i am leaning to just dropping it altogether and using the dbl and the cocoa. 8.5% choc is a lot.

The malted milk does mute flavours at higher % (not sure on the % but I am pretty sure it has EM in it). I would probably use a little less and build it up if you need to.

It is unlikely that it is the original inw mc since they stopped making it about a year ago but check the color of it if you can see through it and it isn’t tar black it may be original.


It’s way dark, its the new one, bummer.
I once mixed a 10% Milk choc TFA with 5% VBIC and it came out tasting just like hershey’s chocolate syrup right out of the can, so I might just need to use that at a way lower % like half. 5% MC & 2.5% VBIC. but I have tried 1.9% malt in a mix and it was difficult to taste the malt in that mix, And it did mute the other flavors, but the malt was difficult to pick out, so I think somehow it needs more like near 3%.