Need help with blue raspberry!

I cannot for the life of me get a blue razz recipe just right. I’ve tried blue raspberry for FW, OOO, RF, and OSDIY and they are not accurate at all. I’m wondering if I’m not mixing them right. I’ve done 10%to 20 and nothing!!

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Huh really I know some are weaker but those %s seem high. Now what is your typical mix strength do you commonly have a mix at 20% and what is your blend max vg or do you use pg ?

I do mix mav vg and I really like Blue Raz I don’t have any of those but the few I do have I need to mix a Blueberry w/ them and most of the Blue raz concentrates I have to use at 4-7%. Sometimes using a flavor too high has the same effect as using too little. Try bringing up the blueberry note some and adding one of the Blue Raz around half as what you had used. Try a few test batches 10 mls each and label them so you know how much Blue Raz is in each bottle. OoO has to steep a good month for the most of the flavors I have tried of their’s not sure if you’ve given it enough time so put that one away and try a few other batches and then put them away.

OSDIY shop blends are kinda the same way need time to come around and once they do they’re pretty good too I always have to have a few other flavors in there to support them as well.

Good luck

I’ll post some of my recipes if you get time to take a look you’ll see I always pair it w/ something else to help it out.

Arctic blu-raz cotton candy

Ingredient %
Blue Raspberry (LB) 6
Blueberry Cotton Candy (FW) 2
Menthol (LB) 1

Flavor total: 9%

Remember to rate it at!

Blue's dew

Ingredient %
Blue Raspberry (EuroFlavor) 7
Green Apple (EuroFlavor) 1.76
Honeydew Melon (EuroFlavor) 5.5
Pear (EuroFlavor) 0.76

Flavor total: 15.01%

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Blue raspberry Lemonade

Ingredient %
Blue Raspberry (EuroFlavor) 6
Lemonade (Flavorah) 3.76

Flavor total: 9.76%

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Hawk's custard

Ingredient %
Blue Raspberry (EuroFlavor) 4
Green Apple (EuroFlavor) 2
Pear (EuroFlavor) 3
Vanilla (EuroFlavor) 2.76
Vanilla Custard (EuroFlavor) 3

Flavor total: 14.76%

Remember to rate it at!

I will say the simple ones are better to me than the complexed mixes the Blue Raz has more of a chance in coming through better.


@Amy2 since you chimed in here, have you used TPA blue raz? I suppose I could go look on the recipe side but I’m being lazy atm… Lol


you are a god send i have 15ml of untouched blue razz from lb im making your blue cotton candy but i dont like menthol could i replace that with something ??? that you cld thinknof or put koolada in its place ??? so the menthol effect isnt so pronounced any ideas ??? ty

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Put the koolada in it’s place obviously choose what % you’d like it at. Also a touch of any other fruit low can help add a lil more blueberry or a tad of the raspberry !

@VapeyMama I have and it’s been a good while but from what I remember about it was that it was tart and not as soft and sweet as I’d liked it to be so i remember rating it on the lower end. I still have half a bottle I use it for one recipe I don’t even think I have it posted anymore.


i got so excited i didnt notice you used bluberry cotton candy so ill try someting like this since i only have cotton candy circus

blue razz lb 6%
cotton candy circus tpa 2%
koolada 10% tpa .5 %
bilberry or blueberry cap at .5 probably bilberry

what do you thing of this adapted recipe ???

i was thinking of adding .5 pomegranite fa as well but may need more like 1 % ???

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Looks like all of those are good maybe only make a small batch first to see how that cotton candy fares it may mute the batch as we know EM does but then again if you put bold flavors w/ it , it’ll take care of that too like Bilberry and or Raspberry ( bilberry Fa and cotton candy alone make one of my favorite vapes lol when I first started out. ) Sounds good !

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Old Old Old recipes of mine i’ve not made these in quite a while mainly d/t my pg allergy and personal taste changes that happen over the course of time as we heal from smoking but as you know over time our taste buds repair themselves quite well.

Heartland by Nicquid @VapeyMama (this is the one I used it for some much back in the day )
60pg/40 vg

Blue Rasp TFA 3%
Blueberry Extra TFA 5%
Strawberry Ripe TFA 4%
Sweet SB Caps 3%
watermelon TFA 6 %

@fidalgo_vapes this is a good juice the newer version I would not recommend the old version you’d prob puke I know I would :wink: )

Bilberry Cotton Candy
Bilberry FA 2%
Circus Cotton Candy 15% ( yep you read that correct LOL ) I DO Not recommend that unless you have just quit smoking. today I’d most I’d use is 1.5% to 2%.

today if I made the Bilberry cotton candy I’d probably use Bilberry at 1% and the Circus Cotton Candy at 1% max vg and use a small 10 ml batch and that’s that. But it’s a tasty juice to me anyways.

@fidalgo_vapes remember that LB’s Blue Raz is VGD 85/15 when entering it into the calculator I have it programmed as vg but it prob should be other but I just thought I’d remind you incase sorry if you remembered !


Here’s the equation solved the old school way to create Blue Raspberry and you need 3 flavors to make it;

Blackberry + Raspberry + Lemon Lime = Blue Raspberry

There are many different flavors you can select from brands that work, some work better than others, some may be better for you than to others. Find your combination and yes this “does” work.

Me personally, I like INW Blackberry/Raspberry + FA Raspberry + Mt. Dew.

*Some of the muti-fruit concentrates work well too, such as Forest Fruit, Fruit Mix and Harvest Berry.


Liquid Barn makes a blue raspberry I think is pretty good

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I wish I liked it. Something happened with me and “berries that aren’t strawberries” when I went sub ohm where they taste really funny to me. Big bummer too.

With the blue razz recipes try adding TFA wild blueberry to the mix. 1% should do the tric . It evens out the flavor and gives it more blue flavor.