Need help with can't miss flavors

So my fiance is going back to school so that leaves me without as much disposable income as I’d like. That said, I have to get one last order in before the disposable cash isn’t there. My knowledge of FW is nonexistent. I’m going to attempt to link my flavor list again so you see what my stash looks like, not asking for recipes but instead some of the better flavors in your opinion. I know taste is subjective but I’m just asking for your personal opinions on the flavors.

FW is totally 99% unknown to me.
FA I’m used to using and have a fair amount.
TFA/TPA I have some but could use some more
HS I know nothing
INW I have like 6 and they’re all awesome.
CAP 50/50 on these that I have, will be getting their custard v1 in the order. Stil open on them just haven’t had luck, yet.
FLV none yet but want to try and get a few asap.

If there are brands with amazing flavors I should be made aware of please let me know. i get paid Friday so I hope you awesome people litter this place with personal thoughts and opinions on your favorite flavors.

Link to my stash ATM.

Just read that shisha strawberry was discontinued, omg I don’t know what I’m going to do. That was the best strawberry in my opinion.

Could try:
CA Chocolate Coconut Almond
TFA Belgian Waffle
TFA Toasted Marshmallow
CA Sugar Cookie
8ml. @ ~$1.49 ea Wizard Labs.
The above can be vaped at singles.

" CAP 50/50 on these that I have, will be getting their custard v1 in the order"
TPA and CAP Custard both bring extra nuances to the table, I like both.

Waffle I am ordering, I had bought a 8 ml from wiz and love it, hate waiting for it to clear up lol. Keep the ideas coming people, love it.

Turns out there’s already a post for this. Off to reap it’s benefits


Italian cream
French vanilla
Chocolate cream
green orange
I have all of these and love them. Now beer isn’t for everyone but at the very least you should think about the Italian cream it is a stern cream not sweet perfect to blend with sweeter flavors to even the juice out.

Love it, thanks amy. I’ve had 2 of the hangsen in my cart just didn’t find any info about them so didn’t get them.

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