Need help with making a flavor. (Lindor White Chocolate Truffle)

As title reads I’m trying to find a recipe for the lindor truffles that are in the fold wrapper. The round balls.
If anyone knows of a recipe or wishes to try to make this I’d love the help. Will be a great vape.

These are the ones here

when you figure the white chocolate part out. let us know =D

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As far as Lindors desceiption its just white chocolate covered white chocolate truffle center?
RF SC white chocolate is a good starting point. I would say. It is less concentrated than others in the RF SC line. 3-4% i suugest. Many white chocolate flavors have an dark off taste. Not sure if EM would remedy them or not. Many have an aversion to TFA white chocolate but at low % i think it adds to a mix 1-1.5%. FLV WC i need to test further but seems okay at 0.5%. White chocolate flavors tend to be “hard” and need to be “cracked” by adding supporting creams/milks. RF condensed milk would work here i think as well it is one of Walt stronger flaves though 0.5% is enough.


3.5% RF SC White chocolate
1.5% TFA white chocolate
0.5% FLV white chocolate
3% ooo Milky undertone
1% NicVape Milk
0.5% RF SC condensed milk
0.5% LB cream
0.5% LB fresh cream
1.5% FLV vanilla pudding

12.5% total

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What is nicvape milk?

And milky undertone

NicVape is a company in the US. They have some consistently great flavors and they are strong. SF %s are 3.5-5% and in mixes 0.5-1.5% will add to a profile. Check them out they are a bit pricey, comparable to Flavorah in quality and usage rate IMO

Milky undertone is a OOO flavor again a US company. Be careful and read up on this brand before ordering some are great but many are blehhh. Undertone is great for adding a milky back note to icecream/gelato/chocolate flavors i believe it can help soften the white chocolate flavors in this particular profile

Thank You vm

I’ve been working on this also, this is what I have right now. I’m pretty new to mixing, but this is tasting pretty good to me.

White Chocolate - TFA @ 4%

Butter Cream - CAP @ 1.5%

Cream - FLV @ 1%

Dairy/Milk - TFA @ 1%

Sweet Cream - TFA @ 1.5%

Marshmallow - TFA @ 1%

Vanilla Shisha - INW @ 1%