Need help with my base

You might want to avoid that. Air and heat is every Nicotines enemy. What I would suggest is, take a 20-30ml bottle and fill it with nicotine, put that in the fridge, left overs in the freezer. If its VG based, take out 2-5 hrs prior of mixing, this depends on the area you live in. All you want is room temperature.
If its pg based 30 minutes - 1 hr prior to mixing. But I fear it has been over worked now and might need being replaced.

You can heat your VG/pg if necessary and add flavors but you would need to add nic after its fully cooled. Overheating or over shaking or leaving nic open or/and unsealed can turn your nic into a harsh/burny/peppery and unpleasant mess. Sometimes not detectable on lower concentrations.

Just because you purchase 6mg nic commercial, doesn’t actually mean it contains that. Mostly due to being pre packaged and till arriving in stores the nic can get less. Some recipes don’t work with higher nic and can actually mute the mix. Some use lower quality nic too and adding full amount would have not the greatest effects.

There’s only a few companies that actually ship you whatever you ordered. Having a nic kit on hand can sometimes be helpful.

So if you are normally ordering 6 mg, try 5 to 5.5 or 5.8 mg in your mixes, see if its the same as your other juices (strength wise)

Flavor wise its hit or miss, some companies throw truck loads of flavors in, together with supporters, additive and sweeteners. Others don’t. Unless we get an official statement its speculation.

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I just find it hard to believe that putting a bottle of nic in a bath of 105f water for 5-10 would ruin it, yes heat and light are nic worst enemy but really 105 for 10 ruins it but being shipped in God knows what conditions for 1-7 days doesnt

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And the SMOK GX 2/4, and a close second the iJoy Maxo Quad at 315W
With the DNA250C rated up to 400W, there’s more to come :drooling_face:


I love my 250c


Seriously, don’t heat up your nic, ever. It is bad enough if it gets exposed to high temperatures during transport. Heat cycles every time you use it, only makes it much worse. There’s a reason why people store this stuff in the freezer and even top off the bottles with inert gas. Winter time or early spring is always the best time to order your nic for that reason.

And do make sure you get your nic in a PG solution so you don’t have any issues shaking it up without heating. Another good idea is to transfer your nic into small bottles when you get it (10-30ml), fill them to the top so there’s no air to oxidise it and store in the freezer what you’re not using immediately.


Yeah, at this point I would highly suggest a titration kit and test your nic. NN has in the past sent out nic that was not “as posted” on the bottle.
old example: Important message please read!
Titration question - #8 by Sprkslfly

Test it before you mess up any more juices !


Heat is nicotine’s worst enemy… as suggested I would buy pg nic …

It’s easier to work with when mixing in my humble opinion…

Something you said , has been rolling around in my head…

and it clicked when you said you heated your nic first…

It reminded me of when I got my mag mixer and played mad scientist…

When I heated juice with 6nic


Hmm very interesting… what about all those people cooking in the crock pot and USC for hours and hours.
I’m torn between a rock tumbler or a magnetic mixer to mix my new batches, I have both so.

Anyone make big batches of 0 nic and add nic ti say 15 or 30ml at a time, in theory wouldn’t this keep your nic fresher for longer.

The 50/50 vg/pg nic I mixed upseems to be doing much better, I may even go to 40/60 and that way I dont have to add any pg or very little to my recipes.

I’m still looking for a diy that has a bunch of flavor like biting into a fresh pineapple for example.

So far this is my best mix as of now.

I think it should be qualified to excessive heat rather than heat. A little heat to make the vg more workable in my experience has no discernable impact.

Mike Petro Wrote an informative blog post on heat and Nic over on ecf a few years back.

Mind you I would never heat for 8 hrs


Yes alot of peps add the nic after steep w/ mixes w/ long steeps


Top shelf is all zero nic premixed. I mix for more than my self and found it easier to mix big batch and add nic later to the 30ml bottles as needed…

Also saw a post on forums or in discord forget which might have been @woftman or involved some juice of his . But zero nic juice was sent to someone and forgot about for 1 year. And was still good when nic was added…

Or might have been someone else … I see Woftman replying . So maybe he might remember seeing the post

Edit : might have been @SthrnMixer


@Ken_O_Where and @therabidweasel


On a side not even thou nic not added some mixes, after mixing need to breath … like butterscotch(FW) at top right every so often I open lid to let fumes out… or open the spout on the bottles.

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Every time you open it you lose flavour. It has been hotly contested over a long period of time to breath or not to breath. I fall squarely in the never ever breath a mix if you feel it needs to breath to be good it is my opinion that you should in fact be using less flavour.

I am sure that a comment like this will bring opposing opinions out but since it is not the subject of this thread it should perhaps be done in a different thread if at all.


Actually I think I need a different butterscotch… don’t like it at less than 20%.

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Hmm well that would be imho about 16% too much lol - you could try it lower and not breath it.

Let us get this on back on track.


Everyone needs their ration of tit.

Edit: oh boy… that was like 50 comments ago


Maximum temperature is the key element.
According to some exhaustive testing done on a thread in ECF a few years ago, it was basically determined that nic degradation started to occur noticeably around 140°F to 150°F. Higher than that, and the oxidation curve increased dramatically.

It’s also far more evident/important to those mixing with higher mg nic (MTL type, 12-24mg+).

Bottom line, I have tested my USC on multiple occasions, under multiple conditions (with heat, without heat, after using only the ultrasonic generator which heats the water to some degree, and with heat and the ultrasonic waves going for three hours, etc), and at no time does my unit get above 125°F.

Knowing your equipment is every bit as important (if not more so) as knowing/having a specific method to using it. :wink:

I can’t speak for the crock pot crowd… chuckles


Heres a thread where I mix up some 18 month old strawnana from 0mg. I do this with all my juices using 25mg/ml nic.

OP…surprised no one has asked the color of your nic. It should be as clear as the juice in my picture. Once it pics up color it becomes harsh.

All my juices get a 30 minute hot USC at 122F (50C)…but only as 0mg, I add nic later and mix with a lab shaker. I treat my nic very carefully to avoid introducing water and oxygen. . .I never temp cycle my nic. The 500ml glass bottle with self-sealing top comes out of the freezer only long enough to draw 4ml…about 1 minute. YMMV GL.


Thats what i do for finished recipes. Big batches with no nicotine, add as i mix smaller bottles of it.
Beta recipes i add the nic to only because i vape them in a months span