Need help with my base

Think I should contact NN? I just feel weird since I’m new to diy and am unsure about everything at this stage.

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Add me to the some. The starter kit I got from them back when I started had bad nic, bad pg, and bad vg. It took a few members of elr pointing out who supplies liquid barn. To get me to order vg and pg from nic river again…

Contact the seller, see what they say and will do. Bad batches do happen.


:rofl: tell them we said it was shit, if they need proof then tell them to send a titration free

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If you say so, I never had a problem with normal delivery times any time of the year and it travels ground (gallon orders) from the west coast to the east coast.

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Ive never had a prob myself but thats the biggest “excuse” u will get from any vendor anyhow

It can depend on how your vaping it, or in what setup. I’ve used lots of NN NIC and have never had an issue, other than their shipping delays before they retooled. I vape basically 70v/30p if not higher vg. I always use the same NIC base, 100mg NIC 100PG. I only vape 2-3mg in my sub ohms. If I go higher 5-6 it IS harsh for me. Doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the NIC, but too intense with the amount of vapor (and NIC) I’m getting with my setups.


That crazy Smok GX350 :grinning:

Sorry, back to the base thing. :grin:


I thought it might have been a typo… learn something new everyday…


Are we leaving this that he vapes at 350watts tho? :rofl:

Ill do myself…


I’ve tried a bunch of different tanks all with my DNA250C. Ego one mega, lemo drop,dark horse clone,griffen 25 mini, smoant Battlestar… using 28g twisted 316l and TI, but most with 316l dual coils coming in at .28 ohms. And titanium coils at .16 Used both TC at 400-475 and wattage with 316l but low wattage like 35-55 watts. Used Japanese cotton with fully clean tanks.
You guys must have some massive coils, anything higher then 60w and it burns or the juice pops. I already made a jig so I’m Looking forward to making some fused clapton and alien coils if I can ever vape my own juice
Oh BTW all Store bought juice is super smooth.

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Are you vaping the 15ml of nic (100mg strength) “straight up” ? or putting 15ml of nic in (approx) 237ml of vg/pg mix - to get to 6% nic strength ?

Can we see one of your recipes ? Maybe you’re wanting 6%, but mixing and getting a much higher % ???

I’m confused. Please clarify so we can see if it’s the nic, or if you’re just mixing it too strong ?

I’ve sub-ohm dripped 12mg juice before, and it’s just WAY to strong, get light headed, teary eyed, etc… Never had my tongue go numb though !


Sorry I wasn’t clearer, it made sense when typing because I knew the scenario already.
I got 120ml 100mg/ml nic from NN. I took that 120ml put it in a warm 105F Water bath and shook for 20min or so. When I felt it was fully “mixed” I took out 15ml so I could put the remaining 105ml in the freezer.

I then mixed it down to 6mg when making my recipes, the calculations and everything is correct.
I’m using a .001 calibrated scale to weigh everything.

I went one step further today and took the 15ml which was 13ml at this point and mixed it with 13ml of PG to create a 50mg/ml nic mix that is 50/50 vg/pg and mixed it very well.
I then made a recipe at 4mg nic strength and it is much better and actually vapable but still harsher then 6mg store bought juice… but this is when things get weird
Vaping my 4mg mix gave me that light headedness associated with nicotine so I’m really starting to think the NN nic I bought is actually stronger then 100mg/ml.

I can chain vape on multiple different 6mg store bought but after taking 3-4 pulls on my 4mg I start to get that light head effect.

So I am going to mix up some 2mg and 3mg and see where that takes me.

Off topic but how much flavoring do store bought juices usually contain? I’m vaping on OHW army man and vapetasia pineapple express which I love the flavor oh but when mixing CAP golden pineapple as a stand alone as high as 15% I get almost no flavor.

The guy at my B&M said he heard vaptasia uses somewhere around 25% which seems very high but again it is very flavorful.

I know just because you put more flavor in does not mean it’s going to be more flavorful but I’ve yet to vape something I made that tastes as strong as store bought.

FW sherbet at 4%
FW blueberry from 3-13%
FA blenderizer(tutti frutti) at 2-4%
And a few top rated recipes that I followed to the T usually containing 8-18% flavoring.

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You might want to avoid that. Air and heat is every Nicotines enemy. What I would suggest is, take a 20-30ml bottle and fill it with nicotine, put that in the fridge, left overs in the freezer. If its VG based, take out 2-5 hrs prior of mixing, this depends on the area you live in. All you want is room temperature.
If its pg based 30 minutes - 1 hr prior to mixing. But I fear it has been over worked now and might need being replaced.

You can heat your VG/pg if necessary and add flavors but you would need to add nic after its fully cooled. Overheating or over shaking or leaving nic open or/and unsealed can turn your nic into a harsh/burny/peppery and unpleasant mess. Sometimes not detectable on lower concentrations.

Just because you purchase 6mg nic commercial, doesn’t actually mean it contains that. Mostly due to being pre packaged and till arriving in stores the nic can get less. Some recipes don’t work with higher nic and can actually mute the mix. Some use lower quality nic too and adding full amount would have not the greatest effects.

There’s only a few companies that actually ship you whatever you ordered. Having a nic kit on hand can sometimes be helpful.

So if you are normally ordering 6 mg, try 5 to 5.5 or 5.8 mg in your mixes, see if its the same as your other juices (strength wise)

Flavor wise its hit or miss, some companies throw truck loads of flavors in, together with supporters, additive and sweeteners. Others don’t. Unless we get an official statement its speculation.

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I just find it hard to believe that putting a bottle of nic in a bath of 105f water for 5-10 would ruin it, yes heat and light are nic worst enemy but really 105 for 10 ruins it but being shipped in God knows what conditions for 1-7 days doesnt

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And the SMOK GX 2/4, and a close second the iJoy Maxo Quad at 315W
With the DNA250C rated up to 400W, there’s more to come :drooling_face:


I love my 250c


Seriously, don’t heat up your nic, ever. It is bad enough if it gets exposed to high temperatures during transport. Heat cycles every time you use it, only makes it much worse. There’s a reason why people store this stuff in the freezer and even top off the bottles with inert gas. Winter time or early spring is always the best time to order your nic for that reason.

And do make sure you get your nic in a PG solution so you don’t have any issues shaking it up without heating. Another good idea is to transfer your nic into small bottles when you get it (10-30ml), fill them to the top so there’s no air to oxidise it and store in the freezer what you’re not using immediately.


Yeah, at this point I would highly suggest a titration kit and test your nic. NN has in the past sent out nic that was not “as posted” on the bottle.
old example: Important message please read!
Titration question

Test it before you mess up any more juices !


Heat is nicotine’s worst enemy… as suggested I would buy pg nic …

It’s easier to work with when mixing in my humble opinion…

Something you said , has been rolling around in my head…

and it clicked when you said you heated your nic first…

It reminded me of when I got my mag mixer and played mad scientist…

When I heated juice with 6nic