Need help with ratio % Blueberry/Blueberry, Vanilla Bean Icecream

Hey guys. Thanks for having me ! Got a question: One bottle: How would you make 1x Blueberry from castella. Next bottle: 1x Bluberry Castella with
1x Perfumers Apprentice Vanilla Bean Ice Cream? both bottles are 100ml when finised. Just the ratio in % :slight_smile: Thank you <3

You want to make 1 bottle of just Blueberry (Capella) and 1 bottle of Blueberry (Capella) + Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA)?

Flavor details:

For Blueberry (Cap) single flavor I would do 9% (median is 10%, avg is 9.3%). In mixes the median is 5% and avg. 5.4%.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) avg. in mixes is 4% and median is 3% - I would do the second bottle with: 4% Blueberry (Cap) and 3.5% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) and see where that gets me :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your respond. Normally I make around 8-10 ml of each flavor for a 2 flavor 100 ml bottle. and around 17 ml for single flavor. If it were around those numbers, how would you make the ratio? :slight_smile:

My friend told me that 17-23 ml flavor is sweet spot for a 100 ml bottle. Is that totally wrong?

That depends on what flavour you are using. Some flavours are weak, like CAP, FW and TPA, and need higher percentage. Others like, FA, Flavorah, Inawera etc are very strong and need a lot less. They have a lot of flavours that I wouldn’t recommend vaping between 17-23% :worried:
I suggest you look up the flavours you want to use at the flavour list at the recipe end of the website and see what the average percentage is for that flavour, like @daath did with the Raspberry and VBIC.


Thank you. Tried making them around 15% total on each of them. I will look into flavoring avg percent for each flavor next time :slight_smile: