Need help with recipes

Guys i have the below list of flavors all are FA need help with some recipes to create
Custard cream
Nut mix

If you haven’t already entered your flavors into you “Flavor Stash” on the recipe side I would start with that. Enter each flavor making sure you choose the listing with the most recipes (some flavors have multiple entries). When you have successfully entered all your flavor, click on the user icon in the upper right and select “what can I make” and presto all the recipes that can be made will be listed…good luck :+1:


I would try the following.

Blackberry 1.0%
Cookies 1.0%
Custard Cream 2.5%
Nut Mix 0.5%
Peach 1.5%

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Marshmallow .39%
Custard 3%
Cookie 1%
Peach 3%
Blackberry .25 % for blackberry chucks.
Steep 3 weeks.

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Not that you don’t have some good flavorings…
but as you progress, you will see 8 is a far cry from mixology
As you fall farther down the rabbit hole, you will learn, Grasshopper.
One day, 8 will not be enough for only one mix.

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Ty all for your reply