Need Help With Swagg Crazy Rabbit

I tried some crazy rabbit the other day and was expecting to taste a base of tfa fruit circles or a similar flavor, but it’s something I’ve never tasted in diy. I’m curious if anybody has ever tried it and can help me identify the main note they’re using.

I’m remembering some Trix flavor mentioned ,maybe search here for “trix” …but I think the topic was they were using some corn based flavoring like popcorn. This was some random post… coming to mind

flavorah has trix

tpa has silly rabbit

as far as trix goes of course there are bunches of fruit cereal flaves

Yes, it’s a .5% to 1% TFA Kettle Corn base. Not difficult to make at all, here is my own mix;

The INW Lemon Mix is vital to the recipe and cannot be subbed.


…that was it, thanks BB. Memory clears as that added Lemon Mix (INW) to my wishlist


To be more informative when INW Lemon Mix first came out, if I’m not mistaken, I believe it was “botboy” that figured out that Lemon Mix made that signature Silly Rabbit flavor really stand up in the mix. I am one of those who strongly agree with that because if it’s not included the mix tastes more like Fruit Loops to me. Either way is good though I think, But beware and use caution with INW Lemon Mix, it is very strong and .2% may be too strong for some and I may include to start at.1% in the notes. It’s crazy strong, about as strong as Rich Cinnamon FLV.