Need input - Backing up battery safety

I was read the news article about how unsafe E-cigarettes are and I’ve run across this link and I ain’t got a clue where to start to fill out anything apparently it’s going to be going on for till the 5th month of 2017 here’s my question what do I need to do or we need to do to get our message across this particular article was on batteries and safeties the article that I took me to the site was about formaldehyde and things like that from Vapin and high temperatures I use temp control my coils never get my juice that hot to worry about that problem anyway wanted to throw this out there have a gotten any insight on how we can shed some truth on the rumors that they’re spread. Getting to the point every time somebody sees my mod they walk up say oh that’s one of those exploding cigarettes I go no this DNA 250 it won’t blow up sorry I know I don’t write so good that’s serious about trying to educate people on the truth thank you


Have a look here to get some ideas, you can check out some of the other reviewers too, they all did a bit on battery safety around the same time as this. Grimm Green did a decent piece, that should give you a good starting point. I think some of the American vapers could definitely give you some input on this issue. Good on you for wanting to stand up and be counted, this is something every single one of us should be doing.


As for the health aspect of it you can cite this article by the Royal College of Physicians in London.


I was hopeing more along the lines a couple hundred other people besides myself answering that link I understand batteries but I don’t write so good and I Tried reading that link. you can read it there is a spot to reply to it more along the lines of a larger amount of people with there constructive thoughts on e-cigarettes

I did read a bit of it but I’m in Ireland so I don’t think I could help with that part

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Here you go hope this helps to get some others to go leave a comment. Right now there are only 7 comments.

The link to the article click here

Here is a screen shot and the circled in red shows the date it closes and the second circle shows where you click to leave a comment.

I will give this some thought and try leaving a comment soon.

@DrChud I don’t think it would hurt at all being from Ireland, every voice helps with this stuff.

Good find @lost_in_vape


Thank you i don’t put things into words so good your link is much easier to follow old truck drivers my vocabulary don’t work so good in Washington hell and a lot of other places as well thanks again

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Well, I think you are doing a fine job! Thank you for bringing this to our attention!