Need lots of Info on many flavors

Ok I’m looking for some of your mixer’s opinions and what better place than here
so this is what i need
favorite manufacture of the flavor
the single flavor & mixed w/other flavor %
starting points for reference

so now my long list of flavors

I know its seems like alot but with a family and my wife not wanting to see all the vape mail that would come from me testing out all the manufacturers and flavors cause she’d flip over cost lol
thanks in advance
to all you
My brothers and sisters of the Vape

“Mixed with others” is kinda up to you :wink: Some recipes warrant a high percentage, others just the tiniest bit.

All Flavour Art:

Black Cherry (FA) - try with 3% single. Mixing with others, 0.1-0.5% - it’s strong!
Grape Concord (FA) - Dark grapes. Good, but a bit special - kinda perfumey. Single maybe 3%, in a mix 0.2-2%
Grape (White) (FA) - I don’t have this. But it’s supposedly white/green/light grapes. Sweet and delicate tasting. Try 3% for single, and 0.5-2% in mixes…
Papaya (FA) - Amazing, true taste. Can’t remember single flavor, but try 3-4%. In mixes 0.5-2%.
Kiwi (FA) - Great true kiwi. Try it at 3%. Less in mixes :wink:
Cinnamon Ceylon (FA) - Amazing cinnamon. High percentages makes that hot cinnamon candy taste. Less makes great cinnamon notes. Use it in mixes at 0.2 and up, depending on how much cinnamon you want :wink:
Watermelon (FA) try single at 4% - lower in mixes.
Raspberry (FA) - Amazing raspberry. Can’t remember the single % but I’d try it at 3-4% - For mixes it depends, but usually around 0.5-2%
Pear (FA) - Nice fresh pear. Alone around 4% - in mixes - it depends - it can be used to add depth to other fruits at low % like 0.2%
Orange (FA) - Great orange - It kicks your throat a bit, though! It tastes of …oranges juice. Not fresh, but not from concentrate either. A middle ground. Try mixing it with Mandarin (FA) which is also a great flavor. Single, try 4% - in mixes as low as 0.1% will give you some flavor.
Guava (FA) - I have no experiences with this. But I suggest you try it :smiley: Maybe at 3-4%
Pineapple (FA) - Tastes of pineapple :smiley: I can’t remember the single % but I’d try 4% - In mixes from 0.2-2%…

I’m a Flavour Art fan :smiley:


I mostly use TPA and Flavor West Currently so my opinion on this is limited…

Grape Juice (TPA) is my favorite with Grape Candy (TPA) coming in Second
Kiwi Double (TPA) is pretty good, but don’t really use it as a stand alone
Raspberry Sweet (TPA) and Raspberry (FW) are really good
Watermelon Candy (FW) is like a jolly rancher, while Watermelon (TPA) is more like the fruit
Blood Oarnge (FW) is amazing
Pear (TPA) I don’t like pear, but I’m always hearing people clam it’s good.
Pineapple (TPA) use to be a favorite of mine, but I swear TPA changed it somehow
Cinnamon Red Hot (TPA) is the easiest to work with if your not use to the potency of cinnamon

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Thanks guys this is a good start and lol at daath for loving FA
I use a lot of TFA flavors and a couple FA looks like I may need to up my FA flavors stash