Need more throat hit

So I’ve made this nooby mix. I do like the taste but it’s like vaping fresh air. Any ideas on getting a better throat hit.

The recipe is private, but I believe if you add more PG you will receive a stronger throat hit.

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You probably need to steep it longer?


Yes, private! You are also correct. PG for Throat Hit, VG for Vapor…


Sorry, should be able to see the recipe now. :wink:

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Looked at your recipe and you have room to work. As we already stated PG will give more throat hit. Your recipe is blended with 70 VG, 30 PG. First try a 60/40 blend but keep in mind you can do 50/50 as well if needed. If needed you can bump up the nicotine to 6mg. More nicotine gives a better throat hit as well but if you can avoid more nic then do it. If it comes down to adding more nic and smoking the analogs then by all means, add nic. One thing you have not said is what kind of equipment you use to vape. Sometimes a upgrade in equipment is actually the answer but if your are vaping subohm application then it’s doubtful you would need to upgrade. Hopefully this will help a bit. Good luck…


So, can I just add 10% more pg ? Sub ohm with Aspire triton and hellboy dripper. Don’t really want to up the mic level. What do you mean by smoke the analogues ?

Ha, not mic levels, meant nic levels😀

Smoke cigarettes! Sounds as though you subohm. Yes, you can up 10% PG and lower 10%VG. Even when using subohm equipment. May use more juice in the process but it is not a problem with higher PG levels. The ELR calculator will do the work for you in calculations. I have to go to work now so hopefully you don’t need anything else. Good luck…

Got it, thanks.

You could also simply use throat hit nic. The only vendor I know who carries such a thing is VaporTek but im sure theres more out there.