Need new ecig

Really sorry if this is the wrong place to post, Admin happy for you to move to correct location, sorry.

Firstly can I say a big hello to one and all, been a member for about a month or so and was just reading before posting.

OK so my first e-cig was an old ego type cig, a bit smaller that the Aspire K2, my 2nd e-cig.

Now I wasn’t much loving these, they were OK but looked a little silly in my big hands.

So my sister gave me a Vapefly Tornado and wow what a difference, 0.5 sub ohm which I first smoked with 80/20 PG/VG pound shop rubbish, with added Nic Salt so I didn’t choke on it lol. Soon got fed up of this juice and started making my own.

So after a bit of reading here and there I managed to get flavors I could smoke and enjoy, more the sweeter kind like bust a nut and the likes.

Anyhow the only problem with the tornado is the tank, I can remove the mouthpiece, I can remove the top and I can even remove the glass, which I have replaced with a wider bubble sort of glass for a little more ml’s of juice, but that’s it, the base of the tank, with the huge air holes :-), is fixed on, or so it seems, I have tried unscrewing this but nothing nada nowt lol, despite being a big fella with a tight grip, I dont want to use tools to force it in case I break it, sorry to be long winded.

So I now want a new system, I love the pen style very much and would like to stick to this, its 22mm in diameter but would go a little bigger if needed, I also like the smoke of the 0.5ohm, uses more liquid than my earlier cigs and produces more cloud, but I to like it. Not sure what watt this tornado is. I also want to be able to put a bigger tank on it, I live in the UK and 2ml is just stupid when it comes to a sub ohm, come on UK government wake up and smell the vape, so I would ideally want something around the 7ml, so the battery will also need to be able to take a tank that size, even though I will need to purchase that separately.

So please any suggestions for me, I have seen quite a few about but want something sturdy and good quality without having to pay £50 lol.

I know there are a lot of vapers out there that have probably gone through this stage of vaping so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



you can find these at various online places, I have 3 they are that inexpensive, a spare for a spare and use it to carry around when I’am working. Top it off with anything up to a 25mm atty and your good to go. I recommend a Steam Crave v2 if you do re-buildable tanks



You can also try one of these for a jammed tank. They’re made to safely dislodge/unscrew stubborn tanks from mods. The ceramic tweezers will come in handy if you decide to try rebuildable coil atomizers.

You can find these type of tweezers in some vape shops and online vape supply shops.


@anon13011326 That does look very nice indeed, so I am assuming I will need to buy a battery in addition as it doesn’t seem to come with one, never have one with a replaceable battery so yeah interesting. Any suggestions which of the batteries I should get for .5ohm ?

@Plunderdrum are you saying it should come off ? I am willing to put a thin screwdriver through the air holes, for better grip sort of thing, if it can be confirmed it will come off ? I havent as of yet as dont want to break it without a replacement.

Cheers both :slight_smile:


Love mine throw a dripper on there and great for testing out my Recipes on


No, I don’t think it can. I just searched the whole world, and every picture or video shows it attached to the base. Someone would have shown them separated if it were possible.


I did the same, I even have the leaflet that come with it and can’t tell. But thank you for looking :smile:


@whosyourdaddy I have never tried this yet but yeah I want to lol, very early stages of subohm at moment, getting some good tastes as well as some not so good taste, bought some cheap flavours before coming on here and wish I never put them in my vaper, spearmint being the worst so far lol


I use 20700 batteries and it comes with an 18650 adapter. A good high amp 20-30 or so and as much MAH as you can find. I would suggest searching through this Absolutely hands-down trusted advice. The .5 ohm works great on it.