Need Recommendations for a good Cherry concentrate

I don’t have any cherry flavorings and I am not sure which one(s) to buy I had a bad experience with (TFA) maraschino I ended up throwing the whole bottle away
no matter how I mixed it, it was absolutely DISGUSTING! I’m looking for sweet
non artificial tasting cherry I was thinking maybe a Bing or Black cherry any suggestions?

Don’t know if these will help? :+1:


Thanks Lolly I’ll check it out


Definitely also recommend Inawera Cherries (not cherry -two separate flavors and profiles).


I just recently tried Amerena Cherry by Euro Flavors I like it. I also have Rainier Cherry by Flavorah and haven’t tried it yet.


I can’t afford to get off into any other flavor brands yet…the one’s I have are too many to list/get yet.

But the first one on the ‘new’ list on mine will definitely be the DIYFS Holy Vanilla (since I’ve finally cracked open the MF jar). Speaking of which, have I said lately that I HATE waiting for that first month to pass?? ><
And Ken said TWO months on the Butterscotch! /falls over


I got my INW Cherry and Cherries in a few days ago. I am actually the opposite of @Sprkslfly, IMO the Cherry is better for me than the Cherries. Love it, super real.

@Sprkslfly, what do you use Cherries in? I find myself reaching for Cherry more.


So far, I just enjoy it as a standalone.

I’ve got hopes of using it in a Cherry Pie capacity once I can get a base nailed down for the “Pie” aspect. (Which incidentally, is what I’ve been working on researching for the last two hours).

I’m almost sick of trying to figure out this damned “turnover” (pie) base. lol It’s been escaping me for the better part of a few months now.

In the course of things though, I’ve run across something I forgot about (that I found previously) and that was using FA’s Liquid Amber as a “baking agent”. So that’s going on the short list. So at least there’s that!! lol


What does their liquid amber do? In your opinion.

Also, you might give INW Cherry another try, it was the missing cherry for my ‘cherry cheesecake’.

I have INW Cherries steeping in a mix with pineapple and orange, will have to see how I like it.


Unfortunately I don’t have an opinion yet on Liquid Amber. That’s why I’m putting that on the ‘short list’ (aka: to order).

But according to our ‘notes section’ and a few searches on “crust” and “turnover” here, it seemed that quite a few were in agreement on the effect of LA basically taking a fruit, and ‘baking it’. So I thought that should work nicely in conjunction with Cherries and Apple (which are at the forefront of my likes in the ‘pie/turnover’ domain).

(EDIT JUNE 2018:
Liquid Amber FA IMO does not bake anything.
If you’re looking for baked apples, try FLV apple filling or Pur Country Apple)

Grats on finding your preferred Cherry for your cheesecake!! =D That’s always a good feeling!

BTW, what do you prefer for your cheesecake base? Cap’s NY? LorAnn? Other??


use Amber and Joy from FA along with TPA Pie Crust. the Pie Crust alone seems hollow and lacking, however with the addition of the FA flavors at .5 and .25 % respectively to start with.
Also @Sprkslfly I have heard good things about cherry pie filling fom RF. Never tried it but others seem to like it. I honestly don’t recall who but somebody said it was great.

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Just wanted to confirm “respectively” (as sometimes I’m a bit dense; missing the forest for the trees lol), hopefully I’m following correctly:

Liquid Amber (FA): 0.5%
Joy (FA): 0.5%
Pie Crust (TFA): 0.25%

That seems really low for a TFA, but then, I have yet to try it though, so what do I know? lol
It could be another “Kona” in sheep’s clothing for all I know. Are you just using it in place of AP 5%? Or is it actually bringing it’s own thing to the table at such a low percent?

Either way, at least I have 2 out of 3, so I appreciate the input! -hopefully I’ll have the amber soon to try it out!

AFA RF’s other flavors…I’ve sworn off anything RF unless it’s their extracts, due to the cost and having to use such high percentages. it’d be one thing if they were priced like FW…But being more expensive and having to use more = pass for my budget at this point.


No you’re not dense at least any more dense than I am. I was just talking about he amber and joy.

Liquid Amber (FA) 0.25%
Joy (FA) 1.50%

I errantly didn’t list the amount for the crust
Pie Crust (TPA) 1.5% - 2.5%

Hope I cut down a tree or two for you Sorry for the vagueness.


I currently use only LA Cheesecake for it, but I can tell it needs something else to give it that ‘cheesecake’ aspect. Kind of in the process of getting the cheesecake part of it more accurate now that I have found a good cherry. TPA Graham crust for the crust.

I have heard good things about CAP NY Cheesecake and LA NY Cheesecake, but wont know until I get them in my next order, still doing some research.

Any suggestions?


I forget who it was suggested the addition of both FA vienna and catalan to the cheesecake base. I also combine the LA CCI with LA Cheesecake.
RF SC Cheesecake seems very sour has tester stashed it may just need a long steep. I recently got Mol Cheesecake and FLV cheesecake. I unfortunately get dirt/boot taste from TFA cheesecake and or graham crust flavors as well as Cap Newyork. I pefer i cookie type crust as opposed to graham. I use Zibellis cookie (animal crackers) combined with Ger Cookie for the "crust"
How about :
3% LOR cheesecake
3% Lor CCI
1% FLV cheesecake
1% Mol cheesecake
0.5% FA vienna cream
0.25 % Catalan cream
2% Zibelli Cookie
1.5% German Cookie

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I’ve tried inw cherries, fa cherry, tfa black cherry, and fw cherry crush. The best by far is fw cherry crush!

which is the best ( your favorite?)

hahaha if you re-read the post you’ll see. I say the best is fw cherry