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HELP! I cannot find a good cherry flavoring!


I need to find a good mellow cherry flavoring but I don’t know where to start. I have tried maraschino cherry and cannot seem to do anything with it…any suggestions?

Need Recommendations for a good Cherry concentrate
Cherry Troubles

Give up! It doesn’t exist. LOL Just kidding. I’ve got Black Cherry from TPA and it’s okay. Still has a bit of a cough syrup taste to it, so I use it sparingly and let it breathe or sit for a long time any time I use it. I believe I’ve heard decent things about FA and Inawera Cherry, but don’t quote me on that. You might also try Flavorah. If you find a good one, you’ll have to let the rest of us know. :wink: For some reason, Cherry and Watermelon seem like the two flavors that usually aren’t good from any vendor.


Agreed, Give Up !!!


Cherry flavoring sucks, then you die !!! (Now you can laugh)


Flavour Art’s cherry is nice for a cherry background, and black cherry isn’t bad, for that in-your-face cherry (natural, not artificial)… :smile:


If you’re into any tobacco flavor at all, the Inawera Black Cherry for Pipe is very tasty…and I don’t even like cherry in a vape. I got this flavor to create a cigar mix, but found this flavor to be extremely vapable as a stand alone flavor.


I agree w/ daath, try Black cherry TFA and use the cherry FA to supplement the cherry accent in the black cherry. As far as a maraschino arghhhh there isn’t a decent one out there yet ! FW’s wild cherry at low % and combine w/ black cherry TFA is as close as I’ve come to it.


Like most people here I’ve also had every Cherry in the book. Inawera Cherry is by far the best cherry I have vaped. INW and FA are notorious for making flavors that closely mimic what they should be and it’s in a low dose.


The only 2 I have had and really enjoyed is TFA’s black but haven’t used it enough and TFA’s Cherry extract which I have only used at low %s in only a couple recipes but enjoyed it(I cant speak for it as a single or higher amounts) and I agree with @Pro_Vapes, if I wanted to try another another one I would probably go with INW or FA. I haven’t tried these but given my personal track record with them, if I can’t find the true flavor I was looking for, these guys delivered


Couldn’t agree more. I have a bottle of cherry (LA) and its awful!!


I don’t know, maybe there is actually a cherry out there worth buying but I am no longer willing to try any more cherry flavors. I have wasted my money on 5 different cherry flavors and every one of them with the exception of maraschino cherry made my blends taste like cherry cough medicine. The maraschino cherry did not taste much better either…


I hear TPA Marichino comes through after 3 weeks. I’m gonna try it. I do long steeps anyway.

Don @ 2%

“Almost gave up on this one, I tried everything! Made a cherry limeade using 2% using this flavor and it was terrible, Forgot about it a while and saw it laying around 3 weeks later and it was “Spot On” of Sonic’s Cherry Limeade. Must steep this flavor!!!”

Sp00ks “Overpowering, use at under 1%. Add Marshmallow which can mellow it out.”


Has anyone tried TFA’s cherry Extract? I only ask because there doesn’t seem to be that many people on ELR that have it and IMO its not horrible at all but I also wouldn’t call it “The best” but from what I remember using it only 2 times months ago it came out alright
From looking at BCV INW has like 5 cherry flavors alone?


Well guys…thanks for all the info on various cherries…It seems to me that TFA black cherry will be the best for me at this time…so I just ordered some with my supply order from Wizard Labs…I will let you all know what I think about it…thank you all again!!!


Just to be clear, I was talking about Black Cherry from Flavour Art not TFA/TPA :smile: But others seem to like TFA/TPA as well…


Thanks @daath…I just wanted to tell you that I love this site…I visit nearly every day and I have tons of information that I need as a DIYer at my fingertips! Your a genius!!!


Thanks man - I just made the calculator and set up the forum - The incredible people here, are the real geniuses! :smile:


I know its too late, but just in case it doesn’t work out for you.

Cherries-INW: This is amazing. It is sort of like freshly picked cherries off the tree but the tartness isn’t as pronounced. It reminds of the cherry tree instead of just the cherry. by Paladiex


I’m trying Big Watermelon by MolinBerry. It has now steeped for a couple of weeks. Well, it’s pretty good. I’d give it a 7 or 8 out of 10. It’s not strong at 12 or 15%. I’ll try it at 20% and let that steep again.

I’ll let you know (if you haven’t already tried that one). So far with your help, we are on the same page thus far. I said the same thing even as a newbie. Trying to find a good Cherry and Watermelon is difficult. If everyone reads our post, maybe we can get to know which are at least the best we can get. Ahhh a thought…
Do you think maybe one of these lovely mixologists might know how to make them taste better? Perhaps a look at some good cherry and watermelon recipes to see what they add to make them pop.
Black Cherry TPA is like a cough drop. And plain Cherry TPA is like nothing at all. Maybe a “Wild Cherry” is what we are looking for. I’ll keep this topic on my radar.

OH WANT to tell you guys… Today I am using my Tumbler to mix the recipes I made on Sunday. It is a jewelry tumbler. You are supposed to put metal shot and soapy water in it and it spins for days. It’s like a 1-liter drum that spins. I just packed it full of my 15ml glass and 10ml plastic bottles. They aren’t shifting around in there. I ran it for about 3 hours. ??? How long do you think I should run it? How long do you guys stir or shake or whatever? THANKS. Joya



Here’s another vote for INW - cherry it’s is my new favorite cherry most realistic yet.

Black cherry TFA’s my favorite black cherry.


They have about five I think. I read the Cherries was realistic too. I have it coming this week.