Need some advice on a recipe please

I need you guys professional opinion as I’m wanting to make make a apple pie/apple fritter/apple cake type of recipe and me being new not sure where else to turn. My flavor stash is public so fill free to gander and let me know if I can even pull this off with what I have. I definitely want the fuji apple fa to stand out, an crisp apple flavor with cake cinimon roll type hints in the background… oh and sweet, definitely sweet… thanks guys

I’ve read the notes on all my flavors and still have no clue because most people’s notes are not even matching others so that’s where I’m lost

Public stash:

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There are several really good apple pie recipes.

both are quite good.

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Thank you, I’ll go check them out

Fuji…graham cracker… Apple pie… Cinnamon roll… Cream fresh… Vanilla ice cream… Baked cinnamon roll…ny cheesecake… I forgot what else but it depends what your looking for really, people like Fuji and cinnamon roll as a cinnamon apple muffin… Meringue, v custard too…

Oh no experience with lb just going on the name

Don’t have all the flavors on those, I tried fuji apple FA and Apple pie TPA mixed the fuji at 2% and apple pie at 8% just those two are pretty tasty after a short warm bath and shaking. It’s really good as is, gonna let steep overnight and see what happens

@TRisin I have FW cinnamon roll I’ll try to use that and see what happens

I gave up on apple pie haha… Need to revisit it though I had limited flavors at the time… Apple pie TPA is decent enough it has a bland apple pie flavor, but the Fuji will def help, then graham cracker maybe to boost the crust aspect, maybe even waffle but I’ve never tried… Cinnamon roll is a good one, personally don’t like it too high % but others I see don’t seem to mind…

Again it depends which your actually looking for, apple cake or apple pie… I went the cake route which is one reason I haven’t done pie, actually didn’t get anything I really liked from the apple cake…

I would say more an apple fritter or the bear claw type

This is what I have so far

Your recipes is private. Though if you go with those types of flavors, I suggest you try it with a little Joy (FA) (anywhere from 0.5-1.5%) - I think that would suit the flavor! :slight_smile:

Sorry about that, changed the setting. What is joy exactly I’ve seen it on bull city and ecx but no details about it.

Should be funnel-cake-like - supports some bakery-recipes well - see notes here: Joy (FA) :slight_smile:

I’d recommend using some of these flavors for what you are looking for:

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl V1 (imo one of the best cinnamon flavors and will probably be what you are looking for according to what you’ve said so far. This is the missing link to the recipe you want to make…imo of course.)

TPA Apple Pie
FA Fuji Apple
FA Almond - Less than 1%
FA Joy - 0.5%

TPA Dragonfruit - Less than 0.75%. There’s a chemical in Dragonfruit that enhances cinnamon & apple flavors. The flavor from Dragonfuit won’t be detectable below 0.75% in my experience.

You could even throw in some FA Meringue @ 1% or less to sweeten it up a little.


I was going to suggest throwing a little Dragonfruit in the mix as well. It does marvelous things with apple.

Maybe 1 or 2%

Are you asking how much dragonfruit to use? If so, as ffrank mentioned, stay below .75%

There is a thread about FA Joy Here if you want to read up on it.