Need some advice with a premade concentrate

Hi All,

I need some help with a concentrate I have which someone gave me, I have a 30ml concentrate and it came in a 120ml bottle. It says add 90ml of base but I also want to add 3mg of nic.

So when I put the concentrate into ELR calculator the concentrates is mixed already with VG&PG and under the add concentrate it only allows you to select pg, vg or other. When it was preselected to vg it said Something is wrong with the numbers. PG/VG ratio? But when I selected the VG it goes fine. I am not sure what to do and if this would work?

Thanks in advance


Assuming you are using 100mg PG Nicotine, if you are using a different strength, Plug in those numbers.


Hi David,

No my nic is 20mg mixed with 50vg & 50pg the thing is the concentrate already is mixed also with pg and vg and does not say how much


Best I can help, you end with a 68vg/32pg mix, if your base is a pg base. Any vg in the base would move the final percentages around but your nicotine level will remain constant. Can’t help that you do not know the one variable in order to pin point a VG/PG ration you are targeting. You should look through the resource guide and do some reading. Working with the calculator has its quirks at times but works reasonably well when you know what goes where.


Thank you for your help I do not usually by a premade liquid I make my own so this is new to me I have asked the company direct for some help.

Thank you kindly for your message and help.


Have you figured it out then?


No not yet I have even contacted the company who makes the liquid direct, but they have not come back to me. I put the recipe into create recipe it did already come up with the concentrate recognised it, I also have some nic just with pg. I can add the base levels 70 vg & 30pg as recommended I also do not know the bottle size if it is 100ml or 120ml as it does not say anything on the bottle about the size so do not know whether I can make a 120ml or 100ml mix, I am guessing by looking at the bottle it is 120ml but not sure.It does not say the concentrate is mixed it just says vg&pg mix with 70vg & 30pg.


I found this on this website.

Which is what I have but does not say 100ml on the front of my bottle sure I have the 120ml I also do not have any base premixed I make my own usually never buy premade base.


So I am no closer to finding what is best I think I am just going to mix it like this and as seems to be the closet.


The nicotine percent’s are different from your linked Cookie King recipe than what you stated you have, just make sure you plug in the correct numbers and you should be fine. A good vape?, well that only you will judge.


Yes because I have two different nics.
72mg - 100 % pg
20mg - 50/50 vg & pg

I do not vape premade liquids usually I was donated this.

I have the recipe for the liquid kindly put together by Lordvapor


Cool, mentioning that reminds me why I quit trying to help…glad you figured it out.


Thank you for your help and messages I appreciate your help.


So someone gave it to you? And they can’t shed any light on the issue?


Yes it was given to me and I have asked but they have not got back to me yet.


Maybe it’s too late but if you have a scale for mixing you should be able to weigh the bottle plus liquid that was given to you and look up the weight of a 100ml empty bottle and that of a 120ml empty bottle or ask here for help with that as someone surely has the size empty. Then look up the weight of pg, and the weight of vg. Calculate the weight of pg/ml for each, 100ml and then for 120ml. Just average the two (Wpg + Wvg)÷ 2 to get the weight of 50/50 pg/vg.
Then on paper add the weight of a 100ml bottle plus the weight of 100ml of your pgvg. Then do for the 120ml.

Like this:
100ml bottle weight = Wbottle’100’ mg
100ml of 50pg/50vg weight = Wpgvg’100’

120ml bottle weight = Wbottle’120’ mg
120ml of 50pg/50vg weight = Wpgvg’120’

Wbottle’100’ + Wpgvg’100’ = CloseEnough’100’ mg

Wbottle’120’ + Wpgvg120’ = CloseEnough’120’ mg

Your unknown ‘?’ weight = W’?’ mg

Compare W’?‘mg to CloseEnough’100’mg
Compare W’?'mg to CloseEnough’120’mg

The one that compares closest to W’?’ is the size bottle of your unknown.


Hi Jim210,

Thank you for your response.

What I did in the end I found out it was 120ml bottle. I made 70ml of base and just add two nic shots at then end when steeped for a week or two. That is what my friend told me to do and I just went with it in the end so all mixed up. Had trouble as I rarely vape premade liquids so new to me, I mix all my own.

Thank you for reaching out and thank you for the detailed message very kind.



@MassVape what is a “nicshot”?


Nicshots is just nicotine 10ml is a nicshot that is what they are called in Portugal nicshots you get many different mg 9, 10, 18 or 20mg of nicotine in a 10ml bottle. Just the name they give them here. You can only buy 10ml and costs €5.25 per shot, 10ml.


Ok, thanks for the info.

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