Need some advice!

Hey there! I’m about to star mixing my own juice, never tried it before. I just got a digital scale, some unicorn bottles, some VG and PG, PG based nicotine and the following list of INAWERA flavors so I was wondering if I could be able to make some nice mixes with them;

RASPBERRY e-concentrate
BLACKCURRANT e-concentrate
BLUEBERRY e-concentrate
LEMON CAKE e-concentrate
CUSTARD e-concentrate
CACTUS e-concentrate
CHERRY e-concentrate
555 GOLD
COOL MINT e-concentrate
BISCUIT e-concentrate
VANILLA CREAM e-concentrate
STRAWBERRY e-concentrate

Any recipe/advice would be very helpful!!


Load them all into your stash on the Recipe Side of this site and then press the “what can I make?” Button. Make sure you get the right vendor in your description entry.


Do as @Maureeenie says! The other thing that helped me immensely and still does is to test each flavor by itself so I can see what I like about it and what might put me off in certain ways. this will help you mix it with other flavors in tastier proportions.


But only with VG base. I don’t want anyone going to jail here…


That Vanilla Cream is heavenly, one of my faves so far, you picked a good one there😊


You have some great flavors there. If you haven’t read it elsewhere, Inawera are on the very strong side of flaves. The raspberry is phenomenal, but start at 0.5% or so…usage statistics are mentioned on each flavor’s page.

I have to say that you have about the niftiest beginners stash I have ever seen. Good flaves in there.


Definitely have to agree with TRW. Some awesome choices there (and starting with all Ina? PRICELESS!)

My personal experience with these (I have at least half of those) would lend to recommending trying them as standalones, and in the 2% range (overall). Some will be lower, some higher, but IME, none should go higher than 3%.
Though, it’s worth noting that I mix at 80vg/20pg as a minimum vg. So if you’re mixing higher on the pg side, I’d highly recommend using even lower percentages. YMMV of course.


This is cool. can you update us what will be the result

Thank you all for the kind replies! I’m surprised to see that I actually made some good choices there, given that I only picked the flavors based on what I like and thought I would enjoy. I’ve also gotten private messages with some more advices and recipes, thank you so much for that, I wasn’t expecting that much help! Of course I will update this thread with whatever I get to mix and vape. I was looking to start by trying each flavor in a very small amount just to see what I like and don’t like of each individual flavor, thank you @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit for the wonderful advice! After that, I think I might start mixing some sort of fruity/minty mix as I really enjoyed juices in the likes of Red Astaire and such, so I might try some of my berries and menthol (Eucalyptus?) and see how good they perform on a mix. Again, thank you guys so much!


I’m on a phone or would link you. My 46 & 2 drop method may be useful for tasting. There are several other methods mentioned in that thread.

Welcome to the fam, this is what we do.

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Hey there! Been trying some of them flavors and they are pretty nice! Mixed some 555 with vanilla for pipe as @Amberina suggested and I like it! Now, I would love to try and make a strawberry custard. Is it possible with what I have? I’m about to get some TPA Absynthe and TPA sweetener as well, just for the record. But I’d love to make something similar to a strawberry custard. Any suggestions?