Need some Hangsen RY4

Hey there, I am just putting this out in case anyone sees it, and has this flavor and doesn’t like it, or can part with it. If you have a spare bottle, I will gladly pay for it. I just wanted to try this way first since I have actually gotten some great flavors from other users. I am only asking here before I buy it elsewhere in case anyone doesn’t like it, or has it to get rid of.
P. S. If you do like it, don’t try and send it to me, I would hate to ask that of anybody.


Amber I have a small bottle of Hangsen RY4 that I will happily send you, at least I will when I get home :grin:. Just pm me your address


Hey Amber, just letting you know that I have been “detained” for a couple days :grin:so it might be a couple days longer for you to get your RY4 :laughing:

If you hadn’t got me addicted to your Sweet Leaf Tobacco Recipe I would have some to send. Now I’m low and need to find some!

It’s OK Saxonn, :blush: I am patient, you take your time, I’m just thrilled you offered, it was so nice of you. @NChris, sorry bout that, I don’t know what it is with that mix, but I use it up more than anything, I don’t even ever get tired of it. I have a slight variation of the recipe you might like, it’s just sweeter, with more vanilla and a smidgen of Ice Cream.

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Really??? Please do share.

OK, this one is the slight variation, really similar to the Sweet Leaf, just sweeter, more emphasis on vanilla and cream. It has the same base flavor, just more dessert like.

The one below is a little different, with the addition of PUR Sweet Tobacco and Vanilla Bourbon w/ Cream. It does stray from the original Sweet Leaf as PUR Sweet Tobacco changes the profile quite a bit. I don’t know if it’s the mixture of Sweet Tobacco and HS RY4, but it definitely tastes like Tobacco with Honey and Graham notes. It’s not as sweet as the Übersweet Tobacco, but the honey flavor gives it its own sweetness. If you like the HS RY4, chances are you will like PUR Sweet Tobacco too.

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