Need some help

I am getting ready to submit my first order. I found 6 recipes I like and saved the missing ingredients to my shopping list. I put them into a spreadsheet so I could sort the flavors by manufacturers. However, two of the abbreviations found in the database I failed to find.

They are:
Chocolate and Cream with the abbreviation “I-Mix”
Black Cherry Tobacco and Tobacco Dirty Nuteral Base with the abbreviation “IF”

I would imagine the “I-Mix” would stand for a mix the user created. If so, can I substitute another Chocolate and Cream flavor.
And I can’t figure out the “IF”.

Can someone help me out?

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I have no idea what the IF means but I would suggest that both of those are INW

as far as i-mix - never heard of them but they may be an obscure flavour house
I went searching and they are from

Never used them and probably won’t - I have no idea if they are all rebottles or not but they may well all be hangsen


Well, looks like woftam already sorted the I-mix, but “IF”… MY first thought was /sarcasm “another brilliant custom abbreviation for something that already exists”: most likely IMO ‘Inawera Flavor’

Can’t say with any certainty whatsoever though honestly when it comes down to it.


This is the user that put I-Mix in the system…
Might want to shoot him a message.


Not sure thats a recipe i would want to recreate tho. What if any are other peoples thoughts for a mix that can’t be recreated? With so many great recipes in the database i would think thats one i would look past.


The thing to be aware of is there are several incorrect names for the same flavor in the database here. If you’re putting a shopping list together make double sure you have the correct flavor name and manufacturer.


I would add to that, that after that, it’s still a good idea to check out the manufacturer’s website… Because a little too frequently for my liking, resellers (vendors) will alter the name.

(Of course, this only applies to the ‘major’ vendors such as: Capella, FlavourArt, Flavorah, Inawera, etc)

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Looks like IF is Hansen rename: