Need some substitution suggestions!

Want to do this recipie:

I am missing French vanilla and sweet cream. any suggestions on possible substitutes? I want to do a shake n vape mix right now so I don’t vape all of my bottles that need steeping :stuck_out_tongue:


Dairy (TFA)
Fresh Cream (FA)
Possibly Marshmallow
Low %'s of Capella Vanilla Custard
Outside of that i really dont know, i dont make or vape cereals. I should tho…

Perhaps @SthrnMixer can help.

EDIT: Shake and vape something with creams/custard/dairy in it isnt going to be anywhere near as good as after it has cured for awhile.

EDIT #2: Vanilla Bean Ice Cream may also work or Vanilla Swirl TFA


Wow Ken, high praise! Not sure I can live up to it.

I would like to see the flavor stash for @Br4d24. I think only then would I have a clue what I would use.

That said, I think your recommendation of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Vanilla Swirl are excellent. Other flavors I would use in possible combinations are Dulce de Leche or Malted Milk with some type of Vanilla and perhaps some Marshmallow or Whipped Cream for sweetness.


I always forget about Malted Milk, WAY under used in my mixes. Whipped Cream too.

Praise is well deserved, ive looked through your recipes and had to add some flavors to my cart because of them. You make some excellent looking recipes.

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thanks for the replies everyone! heres a link to my current stash, I will be placing a new order in a week or so - if you have any suggestions on what i should get please let me know :smiley:

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Could use either Cheesecakes along with other recommendations.

What to buy? Just for the recipes you want to make. Suggest you know each flavor you have backwards and forwards then buy only for the recipe you plan to make. Suggest buying the most cost effective best flavor by matching each blenders % mix recommended and overall flavor rating. I try to learn about a flavor as much as possible before I buy.


Ive made a variation of this recipe and used Cap Vanilla Custard v1 at 2% and vanilla Swirl at 2%

I used sweet cream in mine though and left out the sweetener.

Turned out pretty good and I’m actually vaping now lol.


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What about the French Cream sub, @SthrnMixer and @Ken_O_Where ? Vanilla ice-creamish?

curious @BrotherBob … which part does Cheesecake sub?

Supposedly, FA Meringue is the milk for cereals. Also, many have noted TPA Meringue is very similar to FA’s

tho, I can see other creams make it in that recipe. I haven’t yet but plan to test with Saturday Morning concentrate that I think needs milk.

Not sure you are aware of how old all the threads you are posting in are


:laughing: Yeah, the system alerted me! But thanks.

Trying to add to the knowledge base here, not necessarily answer the OP’s question. I know others will do research here, like I have, so there’s a bit more on the topic.


It also alerted @woftam who was busy chasing wombats off his front lawn and me from slumbering knowing something funny was being posted from the future.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m sorry but I really don’t understand the question.

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I have use TPA French Vanilla find it weak and kind of bland, have sub’d LA Cheesecake to liven up recipes.
I have not found a true north american cheesecake taste to date.
re: Top Flavors by Vendor - #14 by JoJo


Was wondering if you’d recommend Vanilla Swirl as a sub, @SthrnMixer ? I have sweet cream, but want to isolate the sub for TPA French Vanilla – thanks for the reply.