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Top Flavors by Vendor


Nude Nicotine has some high concentrate vg/ ethyl alcohol based flavors that you could try in that.


Here are a few I’ll add that I highly recommend. Don’t see them listed so have to think not many people have tried or used them.

Butter - Wonderful in many bakery blends. Gives chocolates a nice touch.
Sweet Mango - Realistic(ish)
Blackberry - Initially strong, fades some then pops nicely after a 7-10 days.
Dragon Fruit - Tart and zesty. Start off slow and build to taste. Recommend 2-3% at first.

Bavarian Cream - Killls TPA - imo
Cheese Cake - Excellent!
Creamy Caramel - Very nice. Close to a stand alone.

Best Of Flavors By Votes Compiled from ECF

Three of my favorite flavorings, i cant live without them anymore. I mix Creamy Caramel with Caramel (CAP) and either Simply Vanilla (CAP) or Vanillin (TFA). I know a lot of people dislike LA for whatever reason but i use quite a few of their colorless flavorings. LA Bavarian Cream is by far my favorite BV out there.

Best Of Flavors By Votes Compiled from ECF

I went looking for these on sale and MFS 50% off sale but they have none of these… Then I went to ECX 30% off and they didn’t either. This really SUX.


I ordered these two and two other flavors from LorAnns Website tonight. What are good starting % for these.


I’m not sure what the best way to go about this would be, since taste is so subjective and it is usually pretty rare that anyone would have all the vendors that make a certain flavor.

So, what I did was go through the list @NewDrip posted on ELR’s Flavor List (sans a few I felt were redundant or didn’t have much or any info). I searched for the flavor, sorted by number of recipes, and recorded which flavor had the most number of recipes for popularity, and the highest star rating for highest rated. I disregarded any flavors that didn’t have a vendor or that weren’t inputted correctly. This is far from a “definitive” resource, but it’s a start I suppose.

You can download an excel file here.

Sweet/Tart Flavor tips and suggestions needed
Need some substitution suggestions!

I apologize that I can’t answer that. I always include them in a mix. The Cheesecake I have used anywhere from 2-4%, but the Creamy Caramel is a little different. I have never really narrowed it down because depending on what I’m mixing it with I usually find it either dominates the mix or is nearly imperceptible. Finding the right percentage may be a challenge. For example, I have one I made called Whiskey On My Breath and I remember bumping it up a little at a time and stopping at 3% because as I mentioned it can dominate and my tests to that point had made the caramel just obvious without overpowering. I haven’t made any of this lately but I think I’ll try again soon and continue bumping up the creamy caramel to see how it acts


I was really hoping to get more participation from the community and then use the most popular. I do like this list you have made. I’m almost certain that TPA will probably lead in popularity because it’s what most people use even if it isn’t the best. I’m gonna print this list and go thru what you have gathered and maybe we come up with something.


Unfortunately most of the community is not gonna have a chance to try all flavors from all brands. There is our problem. Not everyone is made of money as you and I are drip (YEAH, RIGHT). Honest truth I disagree with numerous calls on flavor in the list and one of the reasons for that is many flavors I use I do not see others use. For instance FW Blackberry (Natural). Excellent Blackberry. FW Raspberry (Natural), again, great. I never see these flavors being used. They are fairly new, granted, but they cost more as well and many have a thing about FW (Shame on them). MBV might help a bit with the ratings of flavors since they seem to carry only what they seem to deem the best flavors from all the main players in flavor. I use their buyers ratings to judge considered flavors to buy. As is our users of ELR opinions, MBV doesn’t have every flavor listed for sale and of course Rated. I guess what I’m trying to say here is the task which you are trying to accomplish here is a very difficult task. It will take many avenues of research, not just one, to accomplish this feat. I Commend you and @JoJos work on this and hope that you can come up with a winner…PS, add Yogurt


I agree, but this is probably the closest we are going to get. I’m sure everyone has their own favorites. I know Daath loves FA, Ringling (as he said) uses a lot of FW.

Honestly, I was kind of surprised at some of the things I found. I was fully expecting TPA to take the cake on EVERY flavor for relative popularity. And I was expecting a lot of FA’s flavors to be the highest rated. A huge problem with this list and “system” is that the ratings aren’t necessarily correlated with number of recipes. A flavor could have 1500 recipes but only three people actually rated it. If those three people loved it or are inexperienced with other vendors, it can get 5 stars even if it is an awful flavor. Or the other way around. So, like I said…definitely NOT definitive. I have based some of my purchase decisions on looking up the flavors in ELRs list. Worst case scenario, I’ll find out what I do and don’t like.

I currently have three different coconuts that I’m trying. I’ll give my 2c when I decide which is my favorite. I will have 5 creams, 2 blueberries, 2 butterscotches, 2 Jamaican rums, 2 vanilla custard (both cap), 2 watermelons, and 2 strawberries that I’ll be using over the next several weeks/months and I can weigh in on what I think are the best of what I have. I will say of the coffees I’ve tried, TPA coffee and cappuccino, my own extraction, and FA dark bean, FA is by far the best. So there’s that. LOL

I’ll add Yogurt. :smile:
EDIT: I’ll not add yogurt (or yoghurt) because there’s hardly any info on ELR for either. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m taking any info possible, If you have any resources of top flavors buy vendors then link it please. I just don’t want to buy another inferior flavor to let sit unused because I hate it. Maybe I should change this to flavors to avoid.

I think I may go this route since this is such a tough feat to tackle.

Flavors to avoid at all costs!
Medicine Flower Recommendations

The only other thing I can think of is to sucker @daath into making a whole category just for flavor ratings, make a post for each flavor type, and hope that people reply with their favorite vendors. Then, tally up all the vendor votes and make a list of those. Unless there’s some way to do polls on here.

I think flavors to avoid would probably be a lot easier to manage. I can always tell when I hate a flavor, but it’s a lot tougher to nail down a favorite when I haven’t tried them all.

EDIT: Did I say sucker? I meant to say sweet talk… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m on that now. Thanks for your efforts.


Drip, I couldn’t agree with you more, I have at least a dozen tobaccos from FW and TFA I can pretty much say I will never use, other than drain cleaner that is. Feel like I wasted money on 4 different cherry flavors. I’ve had pretty fair luck otherwise because I have learned to look closely at ratings. If there is any question I don’t buy. Still though, it’s still gonna happen. Perhaps this is yet another reason to buy some glasses with the little wipers to get the fog out of my eyes…lol


There is a way a way to do polls here and honestly it came to mind for me too. I thought of each flavor being polled for best with each major vendor as choices, however, then I thought of the amount of flavors and my bubble popped…Oh well…


Hopefully, with a group effort we can steer clear of the bad stuff and compile a list of highly recommended flavors and vendors to avoid wasting money. I’ve already picked up a few to replace some of this bad stuff I got. I was so gung ho in the beginning that I was ordering any and everything… now I’ve learned to be real picky and order flavors that’s been highly recommended. Now my mixes are tasting a lot better.


Not that most of us haven’t learned to get away from this but my guess is if we took the time to ask right here on ELR when in question, we would have nothing but good luck buying…


Sometimes I do the same just out sheer despiration of finding a flavoring that actually tastes like whatever the heck it’s supposed to taste like! Take coconut for example…still looking for a coconut that actually tastes like coconut and not coconut infused with plastic. Jeez-O-Pete.


Ok guys, gals, how about this? We have 6 major flavor vendors. Flavor West, Flavor Art, TFA, Hangsen, Capella, and Inawera. Sorry guys, being Loranne flavors are mostly unsuitable for vaping I do not consider them a major player. We start 6 new threads, one for each flavor company.

  1. Flavors you would recommend from Flavor West
  2. Flavors you would recommend from Capella
  3. Flavors you would recommend from Inawera
  4. Flavors you would recommend from Hangsen
  5. Flavors you would recommend from Flavor Art
  6. Flavors you would recommend from The Flavor Apprentice

Within our thread we can ask…

Please tell us what flavors you would recommend your fellow ELR users to purchase from _______ Company. Please only include flavors you would purchase continually keep stocked personally and would recommend to others…

Something like that, what do you think? Think it might work?


That really looks good. We need to some how combine it with the flavors to avoid also. We need to get some exposure and somehow urge participation. As in the “top flavors by vendors” post there wasn’t much interest besides us regulars. Maybe we can get @daath to pin this topic for a certain amount of time. Also we should come up with a nice lead in that will make people want to participate.