Need to make a flavor. Need help

Was wondering if anyone uses max dew from flavor west? I’m new to DIY. I tried it allone and it’s good. But I would like to add something with it. I have a decent amount of flavors. Any suggestions? Thx for any help

Cream Soda? Do you want it to taste better or have a different texture?

Unfortunately I don’t like cream soda.need to spice it up a bit. I have wild melon, strawberry,grape, Keewee strawberry ,candy roll,Black berry ,sour sweet tangy mango,juicy peach,sweet cream,blue berry I have more but unfortunately I am not home to remember them I would like it to taste like a Mountain Dew unfortunately flavors I have don’t sound like they will mix well

Wow… dew is a tough one for me personally - but strawberry mixes very well a lot of things. Melon is a really mild flavor that could just add another dimension and sweetness to it. I would avoid mango as it’s a very powerful acidic flavor. Peach works well in a lot “drink” flavors and teas.

Not a lot of info on your version but there is this on TPA’s version.

If you go to the place on the page where it says: Most Commonly Used With you can see the flavors others have used with it and it will tell you what average percentages are.

Awesome thanks, I have to Familiarize Myself with this website. Will check it out. Big help thx

I cape this liquid it’s called queen of hearts its strawberry from a company called Madd hatter. No it’s not the one that makes I love donuts. I can’t find it anywhere online but I buy 120 ml for 52$. Stuff is delicious adv. I want to try making it but I can’t put my finger on what flavores are mixed. My question is do you think if you put marshmallow with strawberry you can create a good strawberry taste without the marshmallow flavored I have to figure out what else is in here besides strawberries.

This site can help you sort, organize, calculate and make the best clones. There isn’t a better resource online for DIY.

My favorite Strawberry Cream is this one:

O ya. Do you make your own? And how does diy compare to original liquid? You know what I should try that stuff probably would like it

Most of us here make our own, you just buy flavors, PG, VG (or VG only) and some mixing equipment.

You can get it all here:

…or here:

Most people here will chime in and help you too :slight_smile:

That’s where I bought all my flavores and I bought all my needles on e bay. I have a fuchai 200 watt with 3 smok tfv4 tanks and some kangertech tanks. Getting costly for e juice using the smok tanks but you can’t beat the taste of these things. Waiting for some more juices from ecig. Love this website so far everyone so helpful like yourself. Can’t wait to make some flavores. Have you ever tried the company called flavorah? Strong stuff. I’m steeping this stuff called wild melon. Smells really nice👌

Sub ohm liquid drinkers.

:+1: o ya! So I just made some max dew and lime Tahiti. Made 30 ml bottle. Gave it a 120 degree warm. going to let it sit until 5am breathing cover it back up. Let it sit for couple days. Wish me luck. Has nice lime green to it.

You could do what I did when I started DIY and just find recipes and buy the flavouring for said recipes, start with popular clones and work your flavor stock up slowly. That way you always have something decent to vape and you’re not breaking the bank.
Reddit has a cool thread you could lurk;

or could start with this one (shameless plug :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


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Ya I have another order of flavores coming. I looked at clones like you said and I have written down what I need. I did start off wrong. Thx for tip

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I’ve got over 100 flavours right now and I’m still putting orders in constantly. I’d recommend ordering larger quantities of TPA strawberry (ripe), CAP VBIC, TPA Bavarian cream, and CAP vanilla custard v1 to name a few. As you will probably be using a ton of these. I do anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s a good plan which I will trust u on this. The good thing I heard is allot of strawberry. I vape a strawberry now which I love this stuff is good. But there is something mixed with it which I can’t pin point. Other day friend of mine said smelt little like strawberry quick. My question is, is there any way there could be milk or some other flavor mixed but you wouldn’t taste it? I don’t like custards or cake flavores. Here is a strawberry favorite of mine. Called queen of hearts.

I wouldnt be surprised it if was mustard milk, or a variation of.

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It’s good with Raspberry and Cream, most berries, fruits and creams go well with it for me.