Neon Crem - Lost fog collection, thoughts

Hello. I’m new to this mixing stuff, and looking for some input for this recipe if found:Neon Cream
Anyone tried this, or have some thoughts? This is my favorite ADV, and I have the ingredients ready.

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Hello and welcome!

I haven’t got any experience with this particular recipe or the original.

If the original is a favourite and this one claims to be 80-85% there, then maybe mix up a small tester amount (e.g. 20ml) - that way if you like it you can mix up more and if you don’t you won’t have wasted a massive amount of base/concentrates.

Have fun :+1:


I haven’t tried this one, but I do have some leftovers of the original in my drawer somewhere and though I would say it seems to be on a very right track, I personally believe it’s a little heavier on the raspberries and I’ve always thought it had a few drops of pineapple + quite a bit of sweetener. Happy hunting!

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if i remember right this tasted like a rainbow sherbet i love the baie creme that was a very good juice one i cant even come close to guessing what the fruit is in it

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