NET Recipes with flavorings (fruits, alcohol, etc)

Hi all.

I have been vaping NET (not exclusively) for about 5 years now. I Started with making my own through the cold extraction method, but for the last couple years have been enjoying the convenience of buying (thank you La Tabaccheria!).

So I generally kept my NET’s free of artificial flavorings, just mixing them amongst themselves. Then a couple weeks ago I finally tried Azhad’s Elixir and started with Persia Limited Edition Short Fill. It is a dark NET tobacco with Peach and an hint of lemon, and I was blown away by well the peach blended in with the tobacco.

So I’m now going to create my own, and I’m looking for the perfect peach (I’m an inawera fan, but open to suggestions), but I’m also interested in seeing what others are doing and if anyone has any recommendations on fruit flavors and which NET flavorings they pair well with.

Thanks in advance. I will post my results once I have some.



Fruits only?
Or Herbs and other non tobacco stuff as well?

E.g. Liquorice? Or Mint? Coffee? Whisky?
i could post some stuff here
blending nicely with T.


Hey Iambu,

Alcohol like whiskey and rum sound like they would also be a good match.

Yes, I would be interested in seeing what flavorings people are blending their NET with. I’ve already changed the title.



Short answer to get things rolling
more to come


Liquorice tea

and NEVER EVER forget the HOME-Test for fatty oils
sry for German Slang :innocent:
all credit goes to edited

see I would like the NET Topics to be protected


again sry for Simplifieyed Slang
translate yourself or ask here 4 Help

see I would like the NET Topics to be protected


Sorry for the ignorant questions.

  1. You flavor PG/VG with your licorice tea?
  2. Why do you test for Fatty Oils?
  3. If Fatty Oils are bad, are there other things you want to avoid, when making Home Made flavors?

i want to turn some mints and garden herbs into flavors



Hey Iambu, that tea looks good.

At what percentage do you mix it into your base? How does it gunk up coils?

The truth is that I’m looking for flavors to mix with my NET. Not really extracts because the NET is already heavy on the coils.

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I too vape NET’s mostly but have not ventured into making my own …yet. I tend to use La Tabaccheria, Blendfeel and Tabacchificio 3.0 extracts. I was watching a baking show and a participant made a comment that Santa would use cardamom in his pipe which got me to thinking. So I picked up some cardamom from Flavour Art and added a little to a Blendfeel Kentucky Reserve and La Tabaccheria Burley and have been vaping that on a daily basis. Since then I’ve been trying lots of combinations such as adding orange, lemon, grape (yes grape) and saffron to NET’s and they really elevate the flavor.