NET Supply Offer

I found about a half ounce of shredded tobacco will fill a standard Mason Jelly jar (8oz). I have shredded and weighed out .5+ oz bags of each of these tobaccos ready to start batches of NET. All the tobaccos were purchased from Leaf only company with their descriptions. Disclaimer : For extraction experimentation only, not for consumption… I will gift it to MEMBER/REGULAR status members a bag or more if you want for just postage/packaging. Continental US only, sorry but don’t want the hassle of over seas regulations ect.

Paraguay Ligero (3bags)
An incredibly rare tobacco, this Paraguayan Ligero Cigar Filler has a unique flavor unlike any other, even other South American tobacco. A dark, red-brown leaf, this tobacco comes frog-legged like many other long fillers, although this leaf is much longer, and thinner than other fillers of this type.

Aged Indonesian Sumatra Seco (3bags)
Our Aged Indonesian Sumatra Long Filler is a very unique, sweet / spicy cigar filler that is used in many premium cigar blends.

Aged Dominican Seco Crioll0 98 Long Filler (3bags)
Our Aged Dominican Ligero Long Filler is a premium cigar filler that is used to make many hand-rolled premium cigars. Being a leaf from the last priming, our Aged Criollo 98 Dominican Ligero tobacco leaf is thicker and stronger than the seco tobacco leaf.

Aged Nicaraguan Seco Jalapa (3bags)
Our Aged Nicaraguan Seco Long Filler is a premium cigar filler that is used in many hand-rolled premium cigars. Being a leaf from the fourth or fifth priming, this Seco tobacco leaf is thinner than its ligero tobacco leaf counterpart, yet grown from the same Criollo 98 seed. This leaf also comes from the region of Jalapa.


What a very generous offer ! I have sent you a PM.

What is nice about the NET community is that there is a great deal of sharing and exchange of information and samples. It’s a great community of ‘makers’.


Does not seem to be anymore interest. Offer closed. Moderator please close or delete as you wish.

If it wasn’t for the US only bit, I’d jump on the opportunity…

Sorry about that, way to much government in our world.

I would not ask, I probably be in eternal trouble with the customs.

WOW !!! I just got the CARE package from you. Just an amazing effort on your part. Looks like you de-stemmed and shredded with a professional pipe tobacco cutter. The samples smell AMAZING, I will have them in jars by end of this week. And will report back in 6 months with the results.

I use a 8 hour 125F PG soak with Ultra-Sonic heat bump start, then cool steep in closet for the remainder.

And thanks for the Hybrid sample of Sherlock. It looks like a very complex recipe. How did you wind your way to that recipe? Speaking for myself, all I can do with any Hybrid is 3 ingredients at the most. after that I am usually too confused to continue.

Again thanks a million, !!! Please feel fee to make any selection from my Samples list, it’s on the house, no charge for sure. I owe you.