Neutralize or dim Lemon Taste

Deleted because I have found a great way

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Hello to you !

Curious…are you asking is there something to tone down a lemon in a mix or do you just want ideas of lemon mixes that aren’t that powerful so the lemon doesn’t shine through as much ?

There are plenty of things that can be made from a lemon concentrate you may have to use less of the lemon so it doesn’t show up as much. … Idk what other flavors you have in your stash but I seen you mentioned SB Shisha what a wonderful flavor !

Could go for a Fruity mix using the Lemon Dream Cream much lower like around the 1-3% range instead of 12.5% that seems way high but I really don’t have a clue since I have never heard or used that flavor but most lemon concentrates tend to be powerful.

Try adding the lemon with the SB shisha for a SB Lemon add some Meringue to help that lemon blend into the meringue a lil better and add a lil cream as well then possibly try a shot or two or cookie or Biscuit to give it a pie crust if you want.

Truth is no one can tell you what % to drop the Lemon Dream Cream to because we don’t taste exactly the same things everyone is different but you can experiment by making some test batches and labeling them try one batching using the lemon at 2 % in a mix then try another batch using the lemon in a mix at 4% I would say 4% may be the cut off since you don’t seem to love that profile and enjoy softer smoother type of fruits.

Good Luck and I hope this was where you were headed in your questions.


The description reads: “A fresh, creamy yoghurt with fresh lemon.” It seems to be a 5 ml ampoule to 40 ml base (12,5 % flavor). Steep 4 weeks.


I couldn’t get that link to work thank you :smile: Still 12.5% still seems high at least it does to me I get it’s a base mixture but that can be adapted too he may could use the base mix at 5-9% in a single mix or even lower if he’s just trying to use it and not have the intended profile show up

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I think this is an excellent idea, and very easy to do since it’s only one flavor. Just leave the Lemon Dream Cream out.

If the LDC has yogurt and cream in it, you could add a little back in for this dilution.

I also use organic apple cider vinegar to tone down lemon or lime when needed in fruit mixes. Approximately 10 drops per 30ml. No, it doesn’t smell or taste like vinegar.


10 points, you are right. And yes amy, I want to tone down the lemon taste. I don’t have more of the consentrate

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It`s ready made in a 5 ml ampule like Underanne say. And yes I want to tone down the lemon taste. I don’t know what else he have put in the concentrate, but I know he is found of Inawera flavors. So I have to go the route with blending in an other flavor or more. Maybe try the vinegear that was suggested here? And yes, The shisha strawberry was wonderful. But I have not tried it in a recipe yet.

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So you suggest that I add some yoghurt and cream? I have several creams, but have to order some yoghurt soon . What brands are you suggesting? I think my flavor stash are public?

Sure try the Apple Cider Vinegar route first it’s the easiest one. Also you can try using it at a lower % in another mix. If you liked the SB use it at 3% and try the lemon at 3% then add another flavor and build a recipe around it. Does that help any ? But try like @Ozo said first to tone it down using the ACV.

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I have no idea what the Lemon Dream Cream tastes like, other than lemon.

This is what I base that on…^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
IF IT HAS yogurt and cream in the concentrate, it would add a bit to the creaminess AND the tartness.
If you don’t have yogurt, no big deal.
For the cream(s), I would certainly use a straight cream, like Fresh Cream (FA)…NOT a ‘flavored’ cream like Bavarian Cream or Vienna Cream.

If you didn’t use the apple cider vinegar, you could use Pear (TPA) at like 0.25%…or even use both. I personally would use the apple cider vinegar first…

These suggestions are ONLY FOR the extra 30ml you would make to dilute what you already have…that is too lemony.
[" I was thinking about making a 30 ml batch to blend with the lemon Dream Cream. "]

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You could try to do something like Lemon Berry Cheesecake. Pick whatever sort of berry suits you, but I’d suggest not Blueberry as it is so mild the lemon will mask it.

Like I said, I only bought one ampule of the ready made concentrate, so I have no more left of this. Think I will try the Vinegar route. They sell this in food stores right?


Thank you, good idea :slight_smile:

Yes, make sure it is APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, organic if at all possible.
Also, look for one that has “Mother” in it…it will be cloudy, not crystal clear.
It should say [contains Mother] on the label.
My favorite brand is Braggs. It is sold worldwide.


Braggs is the Best !!!

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A lot of hassle for a dilution batch, but you can use the apple cider vinegar for many other e-juices…sparingly.

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