New and noob;)

Hello everyone.
I’m new to the site, sorry for my translated English.
I’ve been vaping for 7 years.
Only in the last few weeks have I become interested in the diy world.
And I have some questions …
I live in Israel. And in Israel we do not have stores of flavors such as tpa tda cap because I realized that it is an abbreviation of the names of large companies.
What we have in Israel for purchase is pg and vg
The question is can you buy flavors from bakery stores that the flavors are used for food? And then mix them with pg vg?
And is it possible to place an order in Israel of products you need to get started?


No… Not really, the problem with grocery store flavours is they have additives, lipid oils, dyes, emulsifiers, etc that are not to be vaped and could potentially harm you. So I’d avoid at all costs unless you’re very certain, MSDS should be referred and peer reviewed by experienced people before any consideration.


Welcome to the forum @Defuzen. As @joel mentioned, using unverified flavors could be dangerous. I’m sure there are members that can point you in the right direction to purchasing your flavors online and that can ship to Isreal. Good luck and please ask your questions, people here are always willing to help if they can.


Thanks guys .
If someone know when i can buy good flavor and nicotine with shipping to israel let me know…


Check - very affordable prices and they sell worldwide and shipping is cheap. Send them an email and they will give you all the info (they know the vaping regulation in IS more than you do).
Here is one Israeli site where you can buy all these brands. סיג - סיגריה אלקטרונית (but prices are high)
I would try at Chefs first.


I would add that along with finding a source for DIY flavors…that you do some research on mixing e-liquid and all that it involves. Equipment, measuring techniques, flavor testing etc. There are many Do’s’ and Don’t’s to mixing and you should be aware of them so you get the most enjoyable experience. You’re in the right place.Welcome to the ELR forum!


Welcome @Defuzen
You have a reputable vender with DIY Eliquid products in Israel ~ Yaeliq.
Here’s the link:


Welcome and glad you joined.


Those Flavors are in a Pg base, normally used for Candy and baking,if not i wouldnt try vaping it…there are some flavors in a vg base but hard to find.Maybe search for Pg based flavorings on the search engine,somebody must have some.Good luck man


You seem safer to go to a pharmacy for 99 or of your lucky 100% vg…it’ll say psp/medical grade. More
Expensive but itll work.
As for pg and nic idk how to get it over the border.


Well the advice of is generally sound. Oh and welcome to the hall of nutters.


@Defuzen Welcome to the forum. Like you, I vaped for a number of years with store bought juice. When there was a good chance they were going to ban flavored juice here in Denver, CO USA I started researching DIY and found this forum. This community has been fantastic and is so helpful and encouraging. Though I made a number of flavors that…well…just plain sucked, I valued the learning experience. The folks here helped with suggestions of only mixing 10ml for new recipes and that really came in handy. It took a while to find my All Day Vape, I’m glad I stuck with it. Along with my ADV, I only vape a handful of other flavors (mainly fruit), so I don’t have a lot of experience with a bunch of flavors. My only regret is that I didn’t try DIY or find this forum sooner than I did. It has been almost a year and a half since I have vaped store bought juice. Saved a ton of money and find that mixing is FUN !! For me, that is a win-win situation. Hope you enjoy your mixing journey. Remember, even if you mix a juice that sucks, you’ve learned something. Learning what we don’t like and what doesn’t work is just as valuable as finding flavors that tickle your taste buds. And remember, this is supposed to be FUN!!!


Welcome @Defuzen, enjoy the ride! :slight_smile:

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