New bottle labels

OK, this is a total DIY project. Created on VistaPrint’s sight, saved the pic, moved it to Avery’s site and printed it there and then put packing tape over it. A lot of work but I think they came out pretty good. No, I’m not retailing, just did this for fun!


Good work! :+1:

Nicely Done :wave:

good job :thumbsup:

Lol, looks awesome, I too don’t sell, use the same blue bottle, Avery, and packaging tape. Every one who sees my bottles when they come over loves the juice and tries to Google the vendor. Love the reaction.

They look great man, very professional looking

Would love to see yours. I love seeing everyone’s creativity!

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Nice! When I get some flavors nailed down I may do this.

Do you reuse your bottles? Is it a pain to remove the labels to wash the bottles?

Used this pic for a custom mod skin. Flavor name goes in place of gmer4lfe. This was my first attempt, want to make a version two. I seen some other labels in this thread that got the creative idea flowing Share your custom label designs, I'll start!. Keep the same main overlay but modify certain aspects. I’ll share with you if you like, when I find the time to play. I too love seeing everyone’s creativity. Until elr I thought I was the only one that took the time to do this stuff. I mean masking tape works, but to see my friends reaction to something they thought was a top vendors juice, just to find out its mine is priceless :sunglasses:

Yes. I re-use the bottles. Its a little bit of a pain to take the labels off but a quick soak on some vinegar and they come off with a plastic knife. These are my “new” labels so I just replaced the old ones this morning. Its just fun seeing other people’s reactions to the names I give them.

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I like the lable. The shadows make me think “spy” or something mysterious

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lol. awesome, did get to play a little not sure if this is the route I want to take, but do have some ideas.
my wife and I both got into diy so that explains the logo

its dark in my room right now so there is a lot of glare from the flash. Anyways have some things to correct. gonna probably still do a few layouts. don’t know why, just doin for my self. it is funny to see friends reactions though