New CASAA poll/questionnaire (includes DIY aspects)

When you get the email, I really hope folks will take the time to complete the survey!

I found it very well done!

Another opportunity for the community to enable those fighting on our behalf to deliver some factual statistics to the uninformed! :thumbsup:


Not sure if it is a unique link or not. (If you are not a member of CASAA
you should be)


Done! Just check my email and there it was


I tried clicking your link to see, and all I got was



But you already did the survey (i am doing now so i think it works)


Done, thanks @woftam.


It works, I just used it. If I’m being honest, I lied a little, but it was for the good of the industry lol, told them I get all my hardware from vape shops instead of online, so if it ends up in a politician’s hands then that’s in-state tax dollars they would be losing lol completely honest other than that


Awesome! :thumbsup:


Wow that was a long and detailed survey … finally done with it


What would you do if we take all the vaping stuff away?
a) quit vaping
b) go back to combustible tobacco
c) find alternative nicotine replacement (like iQos etc)

I’ll find my ingredients somehow!!!


Was that the intention? I dunno, I think they have to know what reality is like. People know what they want, what they need and they’ll get it in a vape shop, online or if the government takes it all away, from other sources. We vape and we’re here to stay. Making stuff illegal is only going to make an existing problem worse.


I filled something out the other day (can’t remember exactly what) from casaa and it went staight to the Senator’s office, This is what she sent back…

\ 389x100
Dear Daniel,

Thank you for contacting me with your opposition to increased regulation of electronic cigarettes. I appreciate you taking the time to make me aware of your views.

As you know, electronic cigarettes are an alternative nicotine delivery system to consumable tobacco or traditional cigarettes. Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised against the use of e-cigarettes pending investigation into hundreds of cases of illnesses related to electronic cigarettes.

There are several proposals regarding the regulation of electronic cigarettes pending before Congress. As Congress debates proposals regarding restrictions on electronic cigarettes, I will keep your thoughts in mind.

Thank you again for contacting me. Please continue to keep me informed about issues of concern to you and your family.


\ 106x69

Debbie Stabenow
United States Senator
U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow
The United States Senate •Washington, DC 20510


I just did the survey I have to say it was very detailed and hit on every aspect of vaping I sure hope this all works in our favor my state is proposing the biggest shit show on banning vaping and all that goes along with it Massachusetts soon our politicans will address us as Comrade


That was probably the one they sent out for:
“Keep Vape Mail Legal! (Reject S.1253)”
which is the Senate version of HR 3842.


Done. CASAA hasn’t sent me this survey. Thanks for the link.


This appears to be the relevant survey URL:


That is the same survey that @woftam linked.


Thanks for mentioning this, it was buried in my inbox so found and filled it out :+1:


I just finished emailing my local MP again (we have quite the chat going) upside is she doesn’t reply with form letters which I really appreciate.
My email

Dear Dr Haines,

I am a former smoker who now vapes. Without the option of saying I should do neither vape or smoke since I am certainly aware that vaping has risk attached (it is just far less risk than the pretty much certain death risk that is attached to smoking). I would like for you to answer the following question. Should I stop vaping and go back to smoking?

For me, if the risk attached to vaping was even 1% less than smoking would be a win but considering what the Royal College of Physicians said

“However, the hazard to health arising from long-term vapour inhalation from the e-cigarettes available today is unlikely to exceed 5% of the harm from smoking tobacco


I am very confident in my decision to stop smoking and vape instead. I see all the time on the internet the figure is quoted as “95% safer than smoking” but my calculations of attaching less than 5% of the risk it would make vaping somewhere in the vicinity of 1900 to 2000 % safer.

If you believe I should continue vaping rather than returning to smoking why is our current government doing everything it can to make me start smoking again?

Why does our government mainly our current health minister Mr Hunt insist that smokers (including ex-smokers) be forced into using pharmaceutical means to quit smoking? Surely the level of death and illness that surrounds the use of tobacco, it should, at this stage be quit by any means necessary.

I have tried patches and not only they did not work but I had an allergic reaction to the glue, I tried Champix they made me so angry all the time my wife went and bought me a packet of cigarettes so I would stop taking them. I had a friend that successfully quit using the nicotine spray but then found that he was buying one every 2 days (at $38 per bottle) so I steered clear as did he when he started vaping. Currently vaping costs me around $6 per day (compared with the $35 - $60 per day I was spending on cigarettes) which makes it a considerable saving enabling the family budget to stretch further.

There are studies that have shown vaping to be the most successful way to quit

I find it extremely disappointing that I made a positive step to quit smoking after nearly 40 years and our government or more specifically Mr Greg Hunt is doing everything in his power to take that lifeline away from me and every other smoker in Australia. I saw a press conference he held recently where he said he was going to refer flavoured e-liquid to the Chief Medical and Health officers for review.

Mr Hunt has said on numerous occasions that the legalization of nicotine in e-liquid will “never happen on his watch” such a close-minded attitude to something that has helped millions of people around the world is unacceptable in one of our representatives. There are already strict laws throughout Australia in regards to children vaping or smoking, his plan is banning it all leaving the current vapers and smokers in a situation where they have products that are less effective and in some cases more expensive than cigarettes to quit.

I voted for you in the last election as I wanted someone representing us that had our best interests at heart I think you are doing a great job and while I will never become a single-issue voter the legalization of Nicotine containing e-liquid is a very important issue for me I trust that you will not let me down. I would love to sit down with you when/if you ever want to speak about this issue with me.

My apologies for the length of this missive.

Kind Regards


Very nice letter, interested to see if you get a response.

She’s an independent and was a Registered Nurse (must be smart) :rofl: :wink: So at least you have a chance of her listening, not answering to 1 of the big parties and understanding the science.

That’ll make them think on the massive tax dollars they’re losing.