New CDC Study on Vaping


Won’t be seeing the results of this study anytime soon on the news, I’d wager! Thanks for posting this-Going to forward the study to my brother, as he’s currently trying to quit smoking and hasn’t been too keen on vaping as a viable alternative thanks to the fear-mongering done in the aftermath of the JAMA study.


I am excited about some good news!

But something is curious about this… It’s an article from 8/22/18 about a New study that was reported in July 2017 about an air quality test performed in January 2016!

Curious. Very curious…


I’m guessing that it took them that long to ensure that their testing equipment hadn’t malfunctioned, because those numbers just couldn’t have been RIGHT!?!? :crazy_face:


Page 15

Health Hazard Evaluation Report 2015-0107-3279


Employees were exposed to detectable levels of diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedione in the air

while working in the vape shop. Although the measured concentrations were below all

applicable OELs, to better protect the health of employees we recommend that the employer

implement a policy prohibiting vaping in the work place with e-liquids that contain diacetyl and

2,3-pentanedione. The concentration of other vaping-related chemicals that we measured were

also below their relevant OELs. Employees should be trained on proper chemical handling

procedures and the need for consistent use of chemical protective nitrile gloves when handling

liquids containing nicotine.

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This study will never show up on Mainstream media. Big Tobacco has paid a lot of money to try and bury good studies done on vaping. Besides Mainstream like to show the negative
tests and studies and imply that’s all that’s out there. It most likely will show up on main new sites outside of the US though.

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