New diy concentrates from Vape wild!

They’ve only recently started offering diy stuff. I’ve ordered just about every concentrate they offer (around 36) and I love em! Just wanted to share this bit of info for those of you who may not be aware of this!


Once you get settled in could you could give us a review/tasting notes of some of your favorites?


Of course! I’ve already used quite a few of them but I’m still in the steeping process with many of them. Once they have some time to mature I will def review them in more detail here.


Are these their own concentrates or just “stones” they created using other brands?

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Tbh I’m not sure but I will ask in the vape wild forum today and get back to you.

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So I got an answer from vape wild! They use other peeps concentrates an mix em to make their own.


Out of the ones I’ve tried I absolutely love their fruit flavors. The peach is divine. The cerealizer is very good too. I’m not a fan of their banana nut bread though. Tastes aweful.

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I ordered ejuice exclusively from vape wild before getting into DIY. Once in a while, I use vape wild’s eliquid and i realized that they use a lot of sweetner. Im trying to clone a good smurf cake recipe as we speak

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