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My first two batches did not turn out well, so I started with simple fruit recipes on my next attempts my next 6 batches turned out great my favorite was made with grape at 7% LA watermelon at 5% honeydew at 5% boysenberry at 3% then I threw in 3% sweetener because I love my juices very sweet turned out great made it with pure VG due to all the flavors highly recommend if you love fruit flavors if you like a cool burst add 1% menthol if you try this recipe you will love it if you’re a fruit fan I hope you all enjoy this recipe if you try it has very good throat hit because of no PG all the flavors seem a bit extreme yet it turned out wonderful enjoy you mad scientist now I’m trying to clone my favorite e liquid kanzi made by 12 Monkeys kiwi watermelon and strawberry if anybody knows where I can get my hands on kiwi candy I would really appreciate you telling me where to get it!!! Thank you for reading my post if you have a great dessert recipe I would love for you to share it vapehappy everybody :grimacing:


we have a resource page with all the shops to get flavors from. you may have to get kiwi and candy to make it. im not sure but is the place to be. And welcome :slight_smile:


Congratulations on your successful mixes, your recipe sounds tasty!

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Great job Steelehead

Thanks for trying my Kanji clone I made it with 11% kiwi, 5% watermelon and 2% strawberry ripe, added3% Sweetner all TFA flavors, except the kiwi I used hangston. Do not use kiwi double the flavor is to weak. If you liked it I have another great recipe it’s peach TFA at 10% and 3% Bavarian cream, and again used 3% Sweetner TFA if you like these I have some great dessert recipes that I will gladly share with you a very authentic cheese cake 5% blueberry or strawberry ripe with 1% gram cracker and 11% cheesecake with 3 or 4% Sweetner all TFA you can play around the percentage to fit it to your flavor preference. Thanks again for the compliment to my success the Kanzi clone just turned out right on my first try I still make this very often and have not grown tired of it yet. I can honestly say this is the best I have made for me because I am a fruit fan. And just for you I play guitar for 39 years now keep on playing your drums and keep on rocking the free world

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Try this one it is still one of my ADV if you have the RF it is great - Walt will convert the kiwi/strawberry to a sc soon but the vg one is very good.

Barrel Of Monkeys v2 rf 7-2

Ingredient %
Citric Acid 10% 0.25
Sour (TPA) 1
Strawberry Kiwi (VG) (Real Flavors) 8
Tartaric Acid (10%) 0.25
Watermelon (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.4

Flavor total: 9.9%

Remember to rate it at!
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Thank you giving me the recipe, have you tried the Kanzi clone give it a
try, can you tell me how to get the flavors that you mentioned I would be
very grateful and if you know, I would like to know how to turn the kiwi
to candy kiwi, thanks for your reply, have a great day. Keep up the good
work on our hobbies.

8%peach, 3% Bavarian cream, great recipe for peaches and cream add Sweetner to your desired taste. One of my faves. Enjoy DIY fans.

Same thing works with pear! It was one of the first successful mixes I made!

Thanks I will try that right away, I found the right flavors and will be
trying it out as soon as I get it. And yes I will rate it out when I try it
out. Once again thank you for your time. Have a great day.

New to the site, found it to use for the calculator. Just started DIY today got all my flavors and mixes from vapewild. Experimenting a little, so far so good I think. Saw the title of this thread and thought it fit me well. My recipes are public and i’m open to any tips. I like flavors to be not crazy intense but I hate when a juice isn’t flavored enough. Made 3 juices so far. My first bottle is questionable, but I know at least I got the nicotine right… letting it steep. glad to be here.
thanks, Josh


Try this recipe it is my fav, ADV it’s 11% kiwi TFA 5% watermelon TFA
strawberry ripe at 2% TFA and the topper is 3% Sweetner TFA. Just to good
to give it up this is a clone recipe that I worked on brand name is Kanzi
by twelve monkeys.