New diyer need help

Ok so I got some of my flavors today here’s what I got they are all TFA except caramel form LA


Wild blueberry

Strawberry ripe

Cheesecake graham crust

Ripe banana

Sweet cream

Any good suggestions?

Possibly a shake and vape recipe that I can do I am almost out of juice

You could do a Banana/Caramel

Assuming you got Caramel (Original) and not Caramel (Candy)…

Caramel Banana
1.5% Ripe Banana (TPA)
5% Caramel (Original) (TPA)

Flavor total: 10%

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Considering he has Ripe Banana, I would recommend only 1.5 % or less.

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Fixed it. Sorry, I grabbed the wrong nana.

You could also do something like …

Strawberry Ripe 7%
Cheesecake Graham 2.5%
Sweet Cream 3%


Yes, enter your flavors into your stash then click under the user tab “What Can I Make”. Very helpful tool…


Here is an update the caramel is LA
And the tool only comes up with single flavors…

You don’t have many flavors to play with. The more you get the more recipes you can make. When entering flavors into your stash it is very important as you start typing you pay attention to the flavors that will pop-up. Pick the flavor that is the same as yours with the most users.

Formatting for entering flavors is as follows…
Caramel (Original) (TPA) *
Banana (TPA)

All manufacturers have their own abbreviations or tags on here such as…
Flavourart = (FA)
Flavorah = (Flavorah)
Inawera = (Inawera)
Lorann Oils = (LA)
Flavor West = (FW)
Capella = (CAP)
Medicine Flower = (MF) **
One on One = (OoO, OOO, One on One) - This one is a little messed up.

*TPA is “The Perfumer’s Apprentice”… also know as “The Flavor Apprentice”. Ecig Express sells this and rebottles as “Signature”.

**Medicine Flower is sold at Ecig Express as “Lotus Flavors”.


…Or try…

Ripe banana 1.5%
Cheesecake Graham 3%
Sweet Cream 2.5%

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placed second order of flavors making different things now… I am actually now placing a 3rd order. The first came from my freedom smokes but am now using bullcity vapor.

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A simple blueberry or strawberry cheese cake is doable with what you got. Try the blueberry at 8%, with 5% cheesecake and 3% sweet cream maybe. I made some banana juices up recently, I’m new to all this here too. I find banana needs at least a few days steeping, with an initial over night airing. Or it’s very potent. Seems to soften by the day. Strawberry and blueberry are you’re better bets for a shake’n’vape.

Another very useful approach to choosing flavors to start mixing…and it takes time to do…
is go to the recipes here…and find the most mixed with the most stars…and see what flavors
are used the most. Find the most stars, then see how many have made it and reviewed it…then
make a note of the flavors. Once you have checked out 100+ recipes, compare the flavors and see
which ones were used over and over. Do NOT include the recipes with 5 stars and only one review.
You will see a pattern of the same flavors showing up…and yes, you can go check any place with
e-liquid recipes, many of the same flavors are used repeatedly in good juices. Make sure you get the
correct flavor name…like Caramel (Original) (TPA)…NOT Caramel, Pineapple (TPA)…NOT Pineapple,
Yellow Cake (FW)…NOT Yellow Cake…etc. etc. …
Once you determine the most used flavors in the most favored e-juices, buy them, add them to your stash
here on e-liquid-recipes, click on [what can I make]…you will have MANY choices…and not single
flavor juice recipes either.
It takes time and effort, but it is rewarding.

I’d also suggest going to the Flavors List on the main site then sorting by number of recipes each flavor is used in. You can then click on the flavors you like and see what kind of recipes that flavor would open up for you. Then sort the recipes by rating. Kind of the reverse, but both work well. :slightly_smiling:

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